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Case Study 47 Concepts


47Concepts, an enterprise client of Dotnet Report, has significantly enhanced its reporting capabilities through the integration of Dotnet Report into its systems. This case study delves into the challenges the company faced with its previous reporting solutions, the implementation process of Dotnet Report, and the key benefits realized post-implementation, enriched with direct feedback from key team members.


Prior to adopting Dotnet Report, 47Concepts utilized a combination of externally accessible proprietary reporting features and internal SSRS reports. They encountered several challenges, including the need for scheduled outages for report updates and limited report customization and integration capabilities.


The transition to Dotnet Report was marked by a smooth implementation process, significantly aided by Dotnet Report’s supportive and responsive team. The new system allowed for the effortless construction and publication of reports without the need for deployment, thus avoiding any negative impact on customer experience.

At a glance


B2B SaaS

Markets Served

Multi-Location brands and chains like quick service restaurants and convenience store/gas stations.

Dotnet report embedded seamlessly into 47’s Saas application

47 Concepts Dashboard Image 1
47 Concepts Dashboard Image 1
47 Concepts Dashboard Image 2
47 Concepts Dashboard Image 2
47 Concepts Dashboard Image 3
47 Concepts Dashboard Image 3
47 Concepts Dashboard Image 4
47 Concepts Dashboard Image 4
47 Concepts Dashboard Image 5
47 Concepts Dashboard Image 5
47 Concepts Dashboard Image 6
47 Concepts Dashboard Image 6

Key Benefits Experienced

Efficient Report Creation

Reports could now be created quickly and easily, without the need for production deployments.

Seamless Integration

The reports were easily integrated into the existing system, maintaining its look and feel.

Advanced Reporting Features

Dotnet Report introduced nested rows, subtotals, and grand totals, enhancing the reporting capabilities.

Centralized Management

An admin screen facilitated the management of reports across all environments from a single point.

Minimized Downtime

The need for scheduled code deployments and outages was significantly reduced.

Conclusion and Future Outlook

The integration of Dotnet Report has revolutionized 47Concepts’ approach to reporting, making the process more efficient, flexible, and user-friendly. The firsthand accounts from the team highlight the substantial improvements in functionality, integration, and support offered by Dotnet Report. Moving forward, 47Concepts is poised to continue leveraging these advancements to further refine their reporting and data analysis capabilities.

Individual Feedback Highlights

“Have been enjoying several benefits of Dotnet Report over our previous reporting methods (individually created reports in our web application). Firstly, the ability to create and edit reports without needing to schedule a code deployment and scheduled outage. Secondly the ability to have nested rows and nested subtotals plus overall grand totals. Thirdly, a powerful admin screen allowing management of all reports across all environments in one place.”

Bryan Camilli

Director of Technology Solutions

Erik Hale

Director of Engineering and Development

“We’ve had a great experience over the past year using Dotnet Report as a replacement to our externally accessible proprietary reporting feature as well as our internal SSRS reports. The installation was completed smoothly and the ability to build & publish reports without a deployment or negative customer experience is a huge win. The Dotnet Report support team has been very responsive as well and feels like a member of our team, quickly assisting & helping out with solutions when we needed the support.”

Loved creating new reports using DNR, and got positive feedback from the report users right away. Creating the reports was fast, easy, straightforward, and without needs for any production deployments. The DNR system also has advanced features that allow the created reports to look and feel like natural parts of our system, and to be seamlessly integrated to our web applications at multiple points.”

Dalibor Glumac

Sr. Software Developer

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