Cannot run report.

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badgerb posted this 11 July 2017

When I try to run a report in the demo code, I keep getting a parseerror message.  No idea what this means.  I know my connection string is good and I know my tokens are good because I can design the report in the demo and I can use the connection string separately to load a datatable in regular code.  



admin posted this 11 July 2017 - Last edited 11 July 2017

Hi, a fairly common issue with starting out is that your Application namespace doesn't get included in the razor view for the Report.cshtml file so it doesn't know what the model class is.

Your issue sounds related to that.

The fix is to add @using YourAppNamespace at the start of the "Report.cshtml" file. Another option is to add the namespace.Model in the web.config file inside the view folder.

This issue is described in this forum post also.

If the above doesn't help, please copy/paste the exception here so we can research it further.