After you have already signed up and setup your Database information, the next thing to do is add .Net Report Builder to your Visual Studio Project.

Step 1: Open your Project in Visual Studio

In this article, we will setup and use a new MVC Project. You can use the same method to add .Net Report Builder to your own existing project also. So start Visual Studio, and click on File -> New -> Project. Next, choose “ASP.Net Web Application”, and name it “ReportProject”. In the next step, choose “MVC” and click “OK”.





Step 2: Add .Net Report Builder NuGet Package

Once your new Project is ready, right click on “References” and choose “Manage NuGet Packages”.

Search for and install package “dotnetreport”.

The NuGet package will add several files to your project, including DotNetReportController and it’s Views.




Step 3: Enter your API Keys from .Net Report Builder

Once it is installed, open up your web.config file, and you will see the following appSettings:

Login to your account in and click on “Get Api Keys”. Locate your keys and copy and paste them in to your web.config file.




That’s pretty much it. Build and run your application by pressing “CTRL+F5”. Type /dotnetreport to navigate to the Report Builder. 


If you want to change the format or wordings, just open up the view files and make any necessary changes.