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Amazing Ad Hoc Query Builder for Reporting in .Net

Query Builder for .Net Web Apps

When working with data analytics and reporting, an open-source query builder lets you create ad hoc queries for filtering data and refining searches. Query builder for dotnet report builder is a visual tool for designing ad hoc reports and creating complex queries for data retrieval. The data set is then presented in beautiful data visualizations that are easier to work with.

Get started right away with querying by using available filters and selection options to generate ad hoc queries. Create multiple dynamic data dashboards suited to your end-user needs.

query builder
Query builder

You can use the dotnet report query builder to:

  • Quickly access data sets from data warehouses and build customized data reports to understand the working of your business system, applications, and other operations.
  • Use a variety of report layouts to design visuals and charts.
  • Add different data reports generated through the query builder for .Net and create data dashboards to monitor data in real-time.
  • Design and schedule multiple data reports using sql query builder and save them for later reference.

Dotnet report Query builder features

fast access

Faster Reporting

Dotnet report query builder lets you create and deploy reports faster and with ease.

dynamic dashboards

Ad hoc Querying

Setting up parameters and filters lets end-users create ad hoc reports in minutes

dotnet report

Dynamic data dashboards

Create data-rich dynamic dashboards within a few clicks for easy monitoring of relevant data reports and visuals.

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Easy training

Easy-to-use menus and visuals in the user interface tend to train users to easily manipulate data according to their needs.

Embedded BI

Diligent work environment

Query builder for .Net helps to create a better work environment where data and reports flow from desk to desk in a smooth and efficient way.