Netview Informatica 

dotnet Report enabled NetView to add an intuitive, embedded reporting solution to their software. The intuitive ad hoc reporting interface for the end-user allowed them to quickly manipulate the company’s data and help them create actionable insight for their daily use and make quick decisions.



Netview Informatica is a company based in Brazil that creates software solutions for lawyers and law firms who generate and use large amounts of data as they work with complicated laws and regulations in their law practices in Brazil. Their flagship product is a Legal Process application called MAX®. As part of their daily workflow, these lawyers need the MAX® solution to generate many custom reports. Without an on-demand custom report builder, Netview’s developers were spending a significant amount of time generating and publishing these custom reports manually for each of their end-users.  

In order to save scarce developer time and to allow their end-users to quickly and easily create their own custom reports, Netview Informatica embedded dotnet Report Builder into its application and rebranded the solution as MAX Report Builder®. They customized the solution to match the look and feel of their main application. Netview also easily changed the language to Brazil’s native language of Portuguese. With this new embedded ad-hoc reporting solution, Netview’s end-users can now build their own custom reports without the need to wait for developers to create these reports.  

Netview Informatica’s clients have found dotnet Report Builder to be very useful. They are saving time and being more productive by creating their own reports and eliminating the need to wait for developers to manually create and publish custom reports for them. Customers are also able to export data to Excel or PDF as needed. With dotnet Report Builder, Netview was able to free up valuable developer resources to focus on improving their core product.  

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