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dotnet Report Builder

Which is the best Business Intelligence Software : Embedded BI VS Standalone BI software

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Business intelligence (BI) is a term quite familiar to businesses that are data driven and monitor their...

Embedded Reporting

Embedded Analytics and reporting gets easier for C# developers using dotnet report builder

Embedded analytics means that reporting solutions such as charts and dashboards are embedded directly into the existing business application that...

Pie Chart

A closer look at dotnet report builder report formats

The strength of any embedded data analytic and reporting software lies in its feature rich interface and the variety of...

How dotnet report builder helps business analysts

How dotnet report builder helps business analysts

The success of any reporting software is the measure of its appeal to data analysts. The major factor to acquire...

Adding Customized Report Headers

Adding Customized Report Headers

dotnet Report now allows users to easily design a custom header that will show up on all reports. To add...