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9 Important Reasons to Start Using Embedded Business Intelligence

    Embedded Business Intelligence is the integration of business intelligence software solutions within business process software. It provides software with the capability to provide data visualization, dashboards, analytics, and reporting. Instead of using a standalone application, embedded BI enables business intelligence directly within an organization’s application.

    It also leverages the data context from the business applications to provide relevant information to the users as they work in familiar environments. Putting Business Intelligence capabilities into a single application results in greater productivity and a higher rate of user adoption than using multiple applications at the same time.  

    Traditional business intelligence approach depends on IT Teams to aggregate, analyze and visualize the business data and provide the needed charts, KPIs and other visualizations to facilitate better decision making. 

    Since this process involves multiple teams, it takes longer to produce an output the business user can use for tactical and strategic decision making. 

    Embedded Business Intelligence makes advanced analytics more accessible through the integration of real-time reports and interactive dashboards directly into the applications that users can utilize every day. 

    9 Benefits of Embedded Business Intelligence

    1. Data Driven Culture & Decision Making

    Giving your employees and senior executives insights right within their workflow promotes a data driven culture and encourages real analytical thinking. In-context analytics enables your users to make better, faster decisions that are based on the information available at that moment.

    When team members are well informed about the impact of the decisions they will be making, they tend to feel more confident in making decisions. Data legitimizes and is more solid than gut feeling, helping to remove subjective decision making. However, just because they are making decisions based on numbers and data does not ensure that all decisions will be the right ones. It is important that you measure and monitor the metrics on a continuous basis and make necessary amendments to the decision making process as and when required. 

    Transparency of data and using it to drive decisions in an organization also fosters trust and confidence across teams. Embedded analytics will enable you to share corporate goals and empower employees to use the right data and the right time to drive business goals. This is proven to deliver an increase in the bottom line. 

    1. Increase Productivity with Data Visualizations

    By Embedding Business Intelligence into your applications, your customers will be able to build metrics around their goals, view those metrics on a real time basis and help you pursue continuous improvement of those metrics. You need to consider the following three ways how Embedded Business Intelligence helps your organization maximize their productivity:

    • Conduct Better Analysis: When you embed Business Intelligence software into your application, you enable your organization to conduct analysis on-demand. With KPIs at their fingertips, your organization  will be able to focus on the areas that need attention to reach the important goals, which in turn makes them more productive. 
    • Take Quicker Actions: Giving team members  the ability to run reports on-demand for analysis in an essential component of BI solution. On-demand reporting is not enough in 2022, your organization needs real-time reporting. 
    • Understand the story and Identify Patterns: The purpose of any dashboard is not to simply show trends and numbers – it’s to tell a story. When you embed business intelligence to incorporate well-designed and meaningful visuals into a dashboard, your team is able to understand the story that their data is trying to explain for evidence based decision making
    1. Added value in your application

    You can measure the value of your product by gauging and measuring how consistently users access the product, how engaged they are with your product and service offering & how they use the product. By utilizing embedded business intelligence applications in your app, you decrease the propensity to logins and increase session lengths because users don’t have to exit the app to build a report number. Executives can access their key metrics right where they work. 

    Embedded business intelligence solutions provide dashboards and internal reports that give users insights into their data – from within your SaaS platform. They can use those insights to take action within your app, perhaps driving them to use existing tools that they otherwise might not use.

    Analytics are the gold standard for businesses looking to stand out from their competition. Analytics give you an edge in today’s marketplace by giving your company access not only what is happening on-site but also how customers behave when they come into contact with them, which helps make informed decisions about future marketing campaigns or business strategy

    A big part of being successful these days seems like it requires having all sorts information at our fingertips – whether that’s via social media platforms like Facebook where users share content daily; news websites providing updates throughout each day/weekend etc.; blogs written every minute seeking attention

    1. Speed and agility from plug-and-play analytics

    Building new products can seem like an endless complex task. Embedding analytics into your tool helps you take the shortcut to added value by providing a fast, inexpensive and effective solution with beautiful data visualizations that are ready to insert in seconds!

    Embedding analytics into your software is a smart decision because you are then responsible for budgeting resources. As such, if there’s any delay or failure on the part of team members it falls directly onto them since they’re in charge; however by partnering with an already established firm like ours who provides data visualization services all day long (and has) built its product – which helps avoid potential pitfalls- this becomes less likely!

    When you’re in need of a data visualization, find someone who offers white-labeled visualizations and has experience building custom dashboards for third party apps. This will help ensure that your project is tailored just right!

    1. Increasing Revenue through Embedded Analytics

    By increasing customer satisfaction, application usage and providing customers with better data-driven decisions you can expect to see an increase in revenue.

    • Analytics embedded in the customer experience can help you grow your business by increasing word of mouth through satisfied customers. They will also expand to potential consumers what they are offering, which may lead them towards becoming new clients or even lifelong patrons! 
    • Analytics allow for data analysis that helps reduce churn rates – meaning no one goes away empty handed when it comes time leave this world behind us 
    • Analytics provide insights into how we should best operate as a company so there isn’t wasted effort on things not providing any return
    1. Constant Upgrades

    The Data Analytics Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 30% over the next five years. Embedded BI drastically reduces time and resources needed for data analytics, while also releasing new features with constant updates that can be marketed as application upgrades or releases through your user base’s journey within each release cycle (data). This way you have an ever-evolving product – always relevant in touchpoints like marketing material quoted above!

    1. The ability to create an amazing analytical experience for your customers

    The use of modern analytics can transform how your customers interact with and rely on the application you develop. For example, take a look at the dashboards created by DotNetReport, it allows developers to code functionalities into dashboards which were only dreamed about before now!

    With a wider variety of customization options, you can brand the analytics module to your specifications – white label it and provide users with seamless user experience. They will never know that embedded data is not in-house unless they look for themselves! And improved interface makes using this tool easier than ever before so everyone benefits from increased engagement which leads retention rates too high even higher.

    8. The ability to get to market fast

    The right analytics partner will help you get to market fast and offer tools that are essential for building best practice dashboards. We at DotNet Report pride ourselves in being able to provide our clients with an easy-to use platform, so they can focus on their business goals instead of technical know-how. 

    In addition we’ll walk through how marketing your application or preparing sales teams come from embedding powerful software like Analytics into it!

    With a team of experts in embedded analytics, you will have the headstart you need to launch fast. Nobody wants to be paying for months for software that clients aren’t buying yet, so ensure you pick the embedded BI vendor that will stick by your side and help you win fast.

    9. Allows you to focus your resources on uplifting your core product

    By purchasing a fully-fledged, industry leading analytics platform you free up your developer resources to focus on the core offering. Analytics isn’t an endgame – we realize that– so don’t spend any more time or money than necessary building out custom solutions for yourself! Plus by choosing from our prebuilt options all of this worry is taken care off as well because they include everything including data storage and security measures too

    We’ve been building a DotNetReport since 2020,, so naturally we know what it takes to create a quality product. That’s why you can rely on us for all of your reporting needs—we offer everything from custom analytics and dashboards as well as the standard reports that come with any business intelligence toolkit.

    Concluding Remarks

    The use of embedded analytics tools is expected to grow 14% each year and become a $52 million market by 2023.. You don’t want to miss out – learn how our embedded Analytics Solutions by DotNet Report Builder can help your company grow by leaps-and bounds before you lag behind the competition.

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