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Amazing benefits of Cloud computing in Business intelligence tools

Cloud computing is a new technology that has become popular in the last few decades. Cloud computing benefits developers and software engineers in such a way that it has revolutionized the way businesses operate their work processes. Businesses would not need physical offices and other dedicated resources to do their work and they can manage their operations using cloud-based resources. This happens through remote places where business stores their data, as well as their projects and tasks. The business processes are handled by collaboration and management tools, using data as required from the remote location.

cloud computing

Cloud computing helps to manage resources and operations from a remote location on the internet using cloud-based business intelligence software. The resources might include data sources, infrastructure, and platforms designed to perform tasks remotely or by using collaboration software that helps people to work in collaboration from remote places and complete a project or task remotely from the comfort of their own environment, be it their home or office in a remote location. 

There has been an increase in cloud-based applications as people understand the benefits of remote working and storing data and other resources remotely. Business intelligence software developers are creating applications and solutions that help businesses solve their problems online with great efficiency and faster speed.  Roy Stephan, Founder, and CEO, PierceMatrix said “With the cloud, individuals and small businesses can snap their fingers and instantly set up enterprise-class services.”

In this article, we would like to give our readers an insight into the features and different types of software available using cloud computing. We would also highlight the benefits of cloud computing, this would give a fair chance to businesses looking forward to shifting their working to cloud computing to assess the feasibility of a cloud-based business intelligence software solution to run their business software. Before making the shift, the business needs to analyze its existing structure and then estimate the cost and effort for setting up its online structure. The market has a variety of different products which cater to the business needs of small-level, mid-level, or enterprise-level businesses in the business community. Clients need to select the best-suited and cost-effective software applications from among the vendors.

Types of Cloud computing with Examples

Cloud-based computing has been classified into different types. They are IaaS (infrastructure as a service), PaaS (Product as a service), SaaS (Software as a service), and BaaS (Backup as a service). Each of these types provides a cloud-based resource to the client business. It might be back up and sharing using remote data from multiple sources. Examples are Google drive and Microsoft one drive. These BaaS applications keep a regular backup of business data stored online and also maintain data reliability and data security. 

Some cloud-based vendors (IaaS) provide computing power to their clients using fast platforms and infrastructure through their software. This shares the workload of a company online using the internet instead of using physical locations and saves them from setting up hardware resources in their work environment. This solution helps businesses by making them scalable and cost-effective by using an online environment and sharing workload through online collaboration. Examples of cloud computing are IBM and AWS. They help clients to deploy their business and also provide infrastructure and management services that link the business processes by using the cloud. 

Dotnet report builder implements cloud computing

Another popular cloud service is cloud-based software applications or services (SaaS) that can help users solve a specific problem. For example, dotnet report builder is a cloud-based reporting tool providing data reporting and analytics to enterprise-level business clients. The front end can be integrated into the existing database solution in the company’s work environment and provides customized reports for the end-user. The software keeps all the workload in the cloud and shares results with the user in the form of beautiful data visualizations. This ad hoc reporting tool helps users to add the cloud-based solution into their existing business software as a plugin with minimum integration overhead. All the backend tasks are performed remotely at the vendors’ data servers and the result set is transported to the end-user desktop.

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Why Use Cloud Computing (Benefits)

Cost-Effective Workplace

A major benefit of cloud computing is minimized workspace and resources are used remotely to manage the workload of your business. This means that businesses do not need to invest a lot of money on expensive hardware resources at their physical locations and data warehouses. These complex hardware resources can be purchased and managed online through cloud-computing services. Some companies spend huge amounts to purchase expensive hardware and dedicated servers and setup a complete IT infrastructure. This is not required anymore as it can be done remotely just by purchasing an IaaS product. 

Time-Efficient solution 

Businesses now recognize time as an asset that needs to be invested properly for increasing productivity and revenue. Cloud- computing helps individuals and small businesses save time by helping them with an online setup in no time delivering quality service to their customers and end-users. This idea is very attractive to businesses that have future expansion plans in their mind. Cloud computing has made it easy for these companies to set up and expand their venture. 

Quality of Service

There is a lot of emphasis on quality service nowadays. In any niche, you will find stiff competition and dozens of companies selling the same service or product. What makes them stand out from the crowd is the quality of their service. Cloud computing gives the added benefit of fast delivery of data and services along with smooth transactions.  All the overhead like computing and delivery is online so it’s not dependent on any physical location, as a result, there is no threat of a breakdown or slow access because data is not restricted and can be accessed from multiple locations through different access paths.  The speed of transactions and inquiries is maintained as the cloud software is accessible from any browser on any device.

Scalability of Business

Cloud computing and cloud-based services give a chance to the businesses to adopt scalability for their services and infrastructure without having to worry about physical space and expenditure of physical hardware. It is solely the decision of the business to increase and decrease their working capacity and they can do so by purchasing additional capabilities online or adding extensions to their IaaS software.

In conclusion, cloud computing benefits businesses in many ways, and business intelligence software that uses cloud computing is the way to go for businesses to employ the power of remote operations and collaborations in their business operations. As quoted by Marc Benioff, Founder, CEO, and Chairman of, Salesforce  – “If someone asks me what cloud computing is, I try not to get bogged down with definitions. I tell them that, simply put, cloud computing is a better way to run your business.”

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