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Best Business Intelligence Tools of 2022

    Business intelligence (BI) is fast transitioning from a back-office IT discipline to a mainstream market solution 

    These formerly difficult suites are becoming every man’s tools due to advancements such as easy new interfaces and natural language querying.

    This analysis of the best business intelligence tools includes a list of 10 products and all of the information you’ll need to pick the right one for your needs and understand why you should explore business intelligence tools in the first place.

    CTA: Bring the power of insight to any application, product, workflow, or process with DotNetReport.

    DotNet Report Builder

    DotNet Report Builder is a Reporting tool that enables other programmers to quickly integrate Reports and Dashboards into their applications.

    The programme enables your end-users to create self-service Reports and Charts with ease. You can get rid of the developers and let your customers produce their Self Service Reports with DotNet Report Builder.

    Your clients may pick their fields, construct their filters, and even schedule their reports using the simple and intuitive Report Builder, which saves you time and money on development.

    DotNet Report Builder is ideal for software developers that wish to integrate self-serve or ad-hoc reporting into their applications. It is also extremely beneficial for SaaS companies.

    Key Features:

    • Easy to install and start 
    • Ad hoc reporting 
    • Open source front end 
    • Customisable dashboards 
    • Financial reporting 
    • Marketing reports 
    • Sales reports 
    • Data connectors 
    • Ability to import and export data 
    • Search and filter options 
    • The Benefits of Business Intelligence Tools 

    Companies may use business intelligence tools to stay competitive and increase income streams. BI software is used by businesses of all sizes and stages to analyse, manage, and display their data.

    Monitoring is made easier with the help of BI reporting tools. To acquire a comprehensive understanding of income, losses, profits, staff productivity, and performance.  

    These tools give a useful understanding of what is doing well and what is not. Companies can simply manage metrics and stay current with what’s going on and what’s coming up using these tools by setting up alerts, obtaining real-time information on KPIs, and identifying any problems that could otherwise go unreported.

    Companies may use BI tools to better analyse consumer trends and behaviours. These technologies assist businesses in identifying purchase trends, which benefits customers by allowing personnel to anticipate demands and provide better service.

    BI technologies may be used to identify inefficiencies and assist increase profit margins. Aggregated sales data assists businesses in better understanding their clients and enables sales teams to establish more effective methods for allocating resources. 

    BI is critical for businesses to achieve a competitive advantage by allowing them to make faster and more accurate decisions by utilising current data at the right moment and improving decision making. 

    Having actual data on how customers, clients, and even employees responded to projects allows your company to assess its performance, adapt quickly, and evaluate whether similar efforts can help accomplish business objectives.

    BI solutions consolidate numerous data sources, assisting in the general structure of a company so that managers and staff may focus on providing accurate and timely reports rather than hunting for information. 

    Employees can focus on their immediate and long-term goals and examine the effect of their actions if they have access to up-to-date and correct information.

    CTA: Bring the power of insight to any application, product, workflow, or process with DotNetReport.


    Altair’s data analytics platform is open, scalable, unified, and extendable, integrating data transformation and predictive analytics tools. 

    Altair Monarch offers desktop-based data preparation, whereas Knowledge Hub offers team-driven data prep and a centralised data marketplace to help with collaboration and governance. 

    Inside Knowledge Studio, machine learning and predictive analytics are made available. The company’s streaming processing and real-time visualisation capabilities are housed in Altair Panopticon.


    Alteryx is a platform for automation breakthroughs that may be used for personal development, producing transformational digital outcomes, and quick innovation. It’s a one-of-a-kind platform that combines analytics, data science, and process automation.

    Alteryx’s Designer tool automates every stage of the analytics process, from data preparation through data science. 

    Users may access any data source or type and then utilise a simple drag-and-drop interface to experience smart data preparation and mixing. 

    Data from spreadsheets, documents, cloud sources, databases, EDW, data lakes, corporate applications, and RPA bots may be combined.

    Alteryx accelerates text analytics and text mining with automated optical character recognition and natural language processing. It enables users to see and explore data using automatically produced data profiles and recognising trends, allowing them to uncover and analyse information more quickly.

    Third-party data mapping and geocoding solutions can be used to enhance these findings. Geospatial, demographic, and firmographic data are all included in these packages. 

    Code-first and low-code procedures are available with this solution. 

    Integrated R and Python tools are available to users. Alteryx also offers no-code methods for putting the power of analytics in the hands of regular people.

    Alteryx automates repetitive tasks to help you get things done quicker. Alteryx automated processes may be linked to process intelligence systems or RPA bots. 

    It allows users to publish data to interactive dashboards or transfer it to various business apps and RPA systems directly. Microsoft Office, Microsoft Power BI, XML, Adobe PDFs, cloud data services, databases, and RPA bots are a few examples. 

    Amazon Web Services

    Amazon QuickSight is a cloud-based business intelligence tool powered by machine learning. It is part of the Amazon Web Services umbrella. It allows businesses to make more informed data-driven decisions.

    Businesses may use Amazon QuickSight BI to build and analyse data visualisations and extract easy-to-understand insights to help them make better business decisions. These dynamic dashboards may be easily integrated into various apps, portals, and websites.

    Because Amazon QuickSight is scalable, it can handle thousands of users without the need for extra infrastructure or capacity planning. It’s also device-agnostic.

    Amazon QuickSight allows businesses to access and explore deeper information in an interactive visual environment. 

    It has a natural language query feature that allows users to ask their data queries in plain English. Data models for specific data sets will not have to be pre-built by BI teams. Thanks to its built-in lexicon and feedback system, the more people use Q, the better it grows.

    Even if they don’t have any data science knowledge, the BI platform explains these findings in plain English to whoever needs them. Anomaly detection and forecasting are two capabilities that allow users to make predictions about outcomes. 

    By utilising AWS’ machine learning capabilities, you can uncover hidden insights from your data, do accurate forecasting and what-if analysis, and add easy-to-understand natural language narratives to dashboards.

    CTA: Bring the power of insight to any application, product, workflow, or process with DotNetReport.


    AnswerRocket is an AI-powered augmented analytics solution that gives actionable, accessible insights in response to queries posed by decision-makers. 

    It is aimed at business users, and it uses natural language processing and an easy interface to allow users of various technical skill levels to examine their data. 

    With native speech recognition, users can create personalised interactive visualisations and dashboards from searches.

    AnswerRocket helps clients in various sectors make data-driven decisions, although it appears to focus on firms that distribute consumer packaged goods. Food and beverage, retail, manufacturing and industrial, oil and gas, aviation, the financial sector, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, entertainment, and other industries are among their other clientele.

    Technical skills are not required to run reports or perform analyses using AnswerRocket. AnswerRocket combines artificial intelligence and machine learning with powerful analytic capabilities. The technology may also automate manual operations and respond quickly to ad hoc enquiries. AnswerRocket is compatible with mobile devices.

    AnswerRocket has a 4.6-star rating on Capterra and 4.3 on G2. 


    Board is a Swiss BI tool developed in 1994 as a platform for decision-making, company planning, and performance tracking and has received 4.5 ratings on Capterra and 4.4 on G2Crowd.

    By integrating a self-service approach with enterprise-wide data governance, BOARD provides an easy data analytics solution that allows users to create dynamic dashboards, execute effective analyses, and generate compelling reports.

    This business intelligence tool aids important decision-makers in improving the efficacy of their decisions. Its customised and interactive dashboards allow businesses to get a high-level overview of their operations while also drilling down into KPIs to measure corporate performance goals.

    BOARD is a programming-free toolbox that enables organisations to assess and plan with a personalised, efficient approach, regardless of technical skill levels. It supports mid-to-large-sized firms across numerous sectors.

    BOARD is a market leader in corporate performance management and business intelligence. Thousands of users in various industries and specialities benefit from its different deployment methods, which provide customisable solutions. 

    Their customer roster ranges from consumer goods titans to banking and finance geniuses to automobile industry behemoths and even government agencies.


    Domo is a cloud-based business management suite that helps organisations of all sizes speed their digital transformation. It analyses data at both the micro and macro levels to provide teams with a deeper understanding of their business KPIs and help them solve challenges better and quicker.

    Domo may be used in conjunction with R or Python scripts to prepare data for predictive modelling in data lakes, warehouses, and ETL tools. You may integrate data throughout your company, apply machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, and allow people to explore the data independently, much like with other tools.

    It displays findings as interactive visuals to help users see trends and identify actionable insights. Users may overcome team silos and collaborate across departments by using shared key performance metrics.

    Domo is for every company that collects data and may benefit from a BI solution. 

    Education, services, high tech, healthcare, media and entertainment, nonprofits, hospitality, finance, transportation, retail, manufacturing, telecom, and many more industries are among the specialisations of this solution.

    Many people worldwide praise this BI tool, which has a strong 4.2-star rating on Capterra and an even higher 4.4 on G2.


    The Pentaho analytics platform from Hitachi enables businesses to access and combine data of all sorts and sizes. 

    The software has many features for big data integration and data preparation. The Pentaho platform is designed specifically for connecting with and embedding in applications, portals, and processes. 

    Organisations can include visualisations, reports, ad hoc analysis, and customised dashboards in their analytics. It also supports third-party charts, graphs, and visualisations using an open API, allowing for a greater range of embeddable statistics.


    IBM Cognos Analytics is a cloud-based business intelligence software that uses AI suggestions when building dashboards and reports, geographical capabilities to overlay your data with the actual world. It allows you to engage with the programme using plain English inquiries. 

    IBM’s Cognos is an AI-infused business intelligence solution located in Ottawa that assists you with data preparation, analysis, and reporting.

    It allows you to analyse data discovery and visualise it through visual reports, making it easier to understand and make decisions. 

    You may view and monitor all analytics and your dashboard from anywhere at any time with the mobile app. 

    You’ll also receive alerts on your phone whenever something critical requires your attention.

    Infor Birst

    Infor Birst is a cloud-based business intelligence and analytics software that helps users understand and optimise complicated operations.

    Birst was bought by Infor, a multinational firm with a broad array of software solutions for various sectors, in 2017. Today, Infor Birst is a sophisticated end-to-end solution that includes a data warehouse, visualisation and reporting platform, and a networked BI approach based on advanced automation and learning technologies.

    The programme is designed to assist consumers in discovering insights without requiring analyst participation. It combines IT-managed company data with user-owned data, allowing for mixing top-down and bottom-up. 

    It organises raw data into ordered groups and representations using uniform business KPIs. It aids users in identifying trends and better comprehending their company’s KPIs.

    The tool has a unified, integrated user interface that allows users to complete every stage of the data analysis process in a single window, ensuring a smooth experience. 

    It may be self-hosted on-premises or installed from the cloud. Users can buy it in three ways: per-user charge, department or business unit fee, or end-customer fee in embedded situations.

    Infor Birst assists all industries that require the collection and interpretation of business data to make better decisions. Food and beverage, financial services, healthcare, government, HR services, technology, telecommunications, media and entertainment, sales, and other industries are among its specialties.

    Customers gave the BI vendor’s software a strong 4.1-star rating on Capterra and a 3.9-star rating on G2.

    CTA: Bring the power of insight to any application, product, workflow, or process with DotNetReport.

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