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The top 5 Best CRM tools for Startups (2022)

There are times when running a startup feels like managing a circus. Keeping your finances in order, hiring and retaining top talent, and, most importantly, maintaining satisfied customers are just a few of the many balls you have to keep in the air during the day. And if you want to get things moving, you’ll need the best CRM tools for startups to do all that while still making time for client meetings, responding to comments, and cultivating customer relationships.

While organizations of all sizes can benefit from customer relationship management (CRM) software, the best CRM for startups can be easily tailored to their needs. 

Client relationship management (CRM) essentially provides a firm with a central pool, guaranteeing ease, security, and scalability in customer interactions.

All clients should be entered into the CRM tool’s database using fields that allow for their individuality, allowing the company to contact them as necessary. As a result, the best CRM for startups expands a company’s client base, revenue, and engagements.

In addition, a customer relationship management system (CRM) that is simple to use, inexpensive, and offers flexible pricing and subscription plans is essential for growing firms. Automation technologies for lead generation and strategic expansion planning are also required.

What is CRM Software?

best crm for startups

A customer relationship management system facilitates the organization of a company’s contacts, tracking the sales process at each stage and developing lasting relationships with customers. 

Using customer relationship management, a startup can strengthen ties with its clientele, business associates, and suppliers. This is crucial since fostering positive relationships with key stakeholders is very crucial for the success of any startup.

Some of the features of the best CRM for startups include:

  • Email integration
  • Lead management
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales pipeline management

Top 5 Best CRM for Startups

best crm for startups

1. ClickUp

ClickUp is one of the best free CRM for startups in the market. It is used by both small and large businesses.

The software has an attractive user interface and numerous tools for handling multiple tasks within a single program. You can use the filtering features to organize your work, make notes, and assign tasks to certain groups of people.

When using ClickUp, you can automatically assign tasks for each stage of your sales pipeline, utilize tags to organize your accounts, and obtain a geographical overview of your customers using the Map view.

With tools like a Calendar View, Task Dependencies, and Cloud Storage, ClickUp makes it incredibly simple to keep clients happy and complete projects on time.

In addition, because ClickUp offers a Free Forever Plan, your startup can put the funds it would have spent on software instead into growing its own company thanks to this plan!


  • One of the best CRM for startups that’s free and  allows for an unlimited number of users
  • featuring an easy-to-use online and offline mode
  • Use task dependencies to ensure that your team knows which tasks to do first.
  • Give clients time estimates for projects so they can plan accordingly.
  • With ClickUp Docs, you can create onboarding documents, wikis, SOPs, proposals, and more.


  • The mobile app has no Table view (yet).

2. HubSpot CRM

We believe HubSpot to be one of the best CRM for startups because of a few key features. 

HubSpot offers a free plan called HubSpot for Startups, so you can “test before you buy,” When upgrading to the Starter package, customers can take advantage of Stripe payment integration, goal tracking, and Slack integration. 

To top it all off, the HubSpot Academy provides free learning resources like courses, videos, and tutorials. It even offers certifications in areas like sales, marketing, customer support, and the HubSpot software itself.

HubSpot is an excellent customer relationship management (CRM) system for both new and established enterprises. While HubSpot isn’t the cheapest CRM solution out there, it includes nearly all of the functionality in the industry’s best products. 

Regrettably, the more affordable plans don’t often allow access to frequently used services.


  • Dependable feature set
  • One of the best free CRM for startups
  • Integrated payment processing now has new support.


  • Certain standard features are only accessible at higher price tiers.
  • There is a learning curve for some features.

3. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a customer relationship management (CRM) system geared toward the sales industry. It allows users to create and manage sales pipelines, leads, and deals. These tools and the AI sales assistant are offered in even the most basic plan, which is unfortunately not free. 

Upgrade to the Advanced plan, and customers can access additional features, such as meeting scheduling and process automation. Teams can use it as a sales communication channel to integrate the scheduling functions with video conferencing applications like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

LeadBooster is one of the available add-ons for Pipedrive. It enables users to interact with potential customers and create leads through a chatbot, live chat, and online web forms.

When looking for a CRM, startups can find affordable choices with Pipedrive; however, there is no permanent free plan.


  • The AI sales assistant provides insights and sales advice on the Essentials plan.
  • A highly customizable system that offers opportunities to customize data fields, pipelines, email templates, and email signatures
  • The ability to schedule meetings internally.


  • It lacks several essential components
  • Not ideal for big enterprises
  • Some marketing automation is missing

4. Zoho CRM

Startups are eager to use social media to connect with potential consumers and clients. You can track conversations, find new leads, and distribute information with the help of Zoho CRM’s compatibility with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The basic deal, contact, and product management tools are included in the Zoho CRM add-on, Zoho Bigin, which Zoho developed for small and micro-sized organizations. The free version of Zoho is ideal for start-ups since it allows them to keep track of leads, communicate in real-time, and sync schedules. 

In order to get tools for social media management and sales forecasting, however, a firm will need to upgrade to the Standard plan.


  • Incredibly affordable—best free CRM for startups for up to three users and with a cheap fee per user
  • The Standard plan includes sales forecasting tools.
  • Managing social media tools


  • There are no AI tools available on cheaper plans.
  • Doesn’t have a free option for more than three people.
  • On the free or standard plan, there are no quotes or bills.

5. Insightly

Insightly is an adaptable customer relationship management system that includes useful project management features for startups. You can streamline project management by keeping tabs on key project milestones and tasks and syncing everyone’s schedules.

Also included are effective tools for managing your workflow, which can be used to simplify your processes and save you time.

To increase sales, lead routing can be used to ensure that leads are sent to the appropriate salesperson immediately. Powerful automation, meanwhile, let you set up intricate procedures to automate mundane activities like email sending and data entry.

As an added bonus, Insightly includes tools for managing your email marketing campaigns, including the ability to compose, deliver, and analyze your email outreach. It will also show how many people have opened and clicked on your emails. 


  • Powerful automation and project management
  • Google Calendar two-way synchronization
  • helpful Chrome extensions and mobile applications


  • Additional Fees Apply For Phone Assistance
  • A Steep Learning Curve
  • And No Quote Generation For Low-Tiered Programs.

How We Chose the Best CRM for Startups

best crm for startups

When you have to handle a ton of work all by yourself, it can be quite difficult to maintain the viability of your startup business. But remember that knowledge is the most precious asset for entrepreneurs, and customer data is the most valuable.

We assessed a startup’s fundamental CRM requirements to determine the overall best CRM for startups.

For instance, startups frequently have limited resources and require tools to assist market-fresh (and maybe unique) company offers; as a result, they require a CRM with strong system customization and the availability of inexpensive or free plan options.

HubSpot CRM is the most effective customer relationship management tool for new businesses. It offers the finest possible user experience with its eternally free plan, straightforward design, and simple, straightforward functions. 

As an added bonus, HubSpot’s CRM users have access to HubSpot Academy, where they can watch free software, marketing, and sales videos and learn how to make the most of HubSpot’s other features.

Moreover, it integrates effortlessly with Dotnet Report Builder, which allows you to analyze many data sources. This custom report builder differs from other HubSpot reports because it allows you to surface data from marketing and sales activities and objects.


  1. Is CRM software only for large businesses?

Although it was originally designed for large corporations, the software has been adapted to serve the requirements of smaller and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups.

  1. Does CRM require a large IT investment?

There are many cloud CRM options that those new to information technology (IT) can use. To administer your CRM, you don’t need to recruit IT staff or invest much in virtual IT infrastructure. Many CRM solutions are offered as software as a service (SaaS), allowing you to use them as long as you like and just pay for what you use.

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