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Best Embedded Analytics Platform for SaaS Apps

    Are you looking for a synopsis of your business growth? Embedded Analytics equips businesses with valuable insight into their business performance. Businesses acquire an eagle-eye view of their operations by embedding analytics software in SaaS applications. Businesses are making a sudden shift from static dashboards to embedded analytics software. It is time we uncover the fourteen best embedded analytics platforms for SaaS applications. Escalate your growth now.

    1. Bold BI (Syncfusion)

    Syncfusion’s Bold BI is an analytics platform that successfully transforms data into actionable information. The translated information aids businesses in analyzing their performance over time. It offers its valuable services on-site and on a private cloud. Bold BI has left the customers completely satisfied with a 5.0 rating on Gartner. According to an authentic user review, Bold BI is a user-friendly and flexible analytics platform that can be embedded into SaaS apps to enhance business knowledge. You do not need to have all the technical support in your organization to bring Bold BI into use. It is built for users with minimal experience with an analytics platform; therefore, its ease of use is remarkable. This embedded analytics software generates reports in no time, speeding up the assessment process. By using Bold BI, clients can create dashboards and embed analytics with a JavaScript SDK. It translates data into useful insights and can be integrated with Microsoft Office 365. Your analytical information will not be spread everywhere as Bold BI brings it all on a single platform and you can collaborate in real-time. Free trial option for fifteen days is present on the website to aid customers in making the right choice. Its price ranges from $495 – $995 per month.


    • Cloud (Starts at $495/month)
    • Standard (Starts at $495/month) 
    • Plus (Starts at $995/month)

    2. Domo

    Tired of managing and updating data on different platforms? Domo is an embedded analytics software that provides the user with a combination of business intelligence, data, and workflow under a single roof. Domo aims to offer hassle-free data analysis services to its customers based in America. Simply embed it in your SaaS app and let it equip you with all the necessary details required to evaluate business performance. Data drives SaaS apps’ day-to-day growth and tasks, so it is crucial to gather data on a single platform and utilize it daily. The IT experts at Domo are always on their toes to ease usage and provide accessibility to the user. Domo has a strong Business Intelligence team that provides quick insights into business performance. To get a personalized pricing quote, contact Domo’s sales team.


    • Standard ($83/month)
    • Professional ($160/month)
    • Enterprise ($190/month)

    Domo Features:

    • Sub-second queries at scale
    • Select from packages that include data storage and query volumes
    • Powerful drag-and-drop ETL
    • Over 1,000 pre-built and custom data connectors
    • Bi-directional data flow to write data back to source systems
    • Over 150 interactive chart types
    • Real-time alerts and push notifications
    • Instant collaboration with chat
    • Native apps for iOS and Android
    • SSO integration
    • Access to hundreds of pre-built business apps
    • Programmatic management with APIs
    • Enterprise security features including SSO integration, personalized data permissions, and BYOK data encryption

    3. Sisense

    Sisence powers SaaS apps by instilling analytics everywhere. Businesses revolve around analytics as it is the main factor that gives an insight into their performance. Such insights play a crucial part in a business’ growth as it helps them improve itself over time. SaaS apps that opt for Sisence will experience a customized analytical experience as this analytics platform allows customers to serve themselves and customize the usage accordingly. SkullCandy, disciple, instacart, and Outreach are some of its trusted users. Sisence focuses on a broad target market as it is not an industry-specific software; any business trying to find analytics software can avail of its services. Combining various data sources on a single platform ensures SaaS apps have their analytics at their fingertips through its centralized data hub. Moreover, you can also save data into PDF, Excel, Images, and CSV formats. Sisense enables visual dashboard creation that enables collaboration between users. Its visual dashboards visually represent the business performance. Watch a free demo to assess how embedding Sisence’s analytics platform enhances user experience. 

    Sisense offers custom pricing for their product line. 


    • Standard plan ($83/month)
    • Professional plan ($160/month)

    4. DotNet Report Builder

    Eliminating third parties from your customer experience, DotNet Report Builder assists customers by providing embedded analytics software that offers a quick insight into business analysis. It is an easy-to-use analytics software that aids users in enhancing their experience by embedding it into SaaS apps. With DotNet Report Builder, users can get a tailor-made experience to meet their business needs. DotNet stands out amongst its competitors by offering free support during the trial period. We aim to provide matchless services to our target customers, which can only be possible through consistent assistance that begins with a free trial and continues even after customers opt for our services. It streamlines ad hoc reporting by allowing users to manage their reports themselves. Just embed DotNet Report into your SaaS app and avail of our remarkable services, including ad hoc report building, dashboards and charts, report scheduler, and multi-tenant client support. You are never in for a surprise if you choose DotNet Report; get a free demo with technical support and choose us only if we fit your criteria. Upon completing the demo period, you can contact us to obtain a pricing quote according to your requirements. 


    Join the DotNet Report and gain valuable insights.

    Click here for a free trial

    5. GoodData

    GoodData is one of the top analytics platforms that creates, embeds, and analyzes data for companies. As SaaS apps have data scattered everywhere, GoodData organizes it all on a single platform. Along with connecting your data sources, GoodData offers to create dashboards and charts that provide a visual insight into the business performance. It offers users the ability to analyze data from 150 sources. As it is a cloud-based platform, users can access and deliver data anywhere with high data protection. Whether your organization wants to avail its services for a single user or multiple users, GoodData is the perfect choice as its functions are customized for single and numerous users. It offers an affordable embedded analytics service for users who aim to embed software that speeds up analytical information without increasing costs.

    GoodData offers 3 packages:

    • Free (free self-service platform with limited features)
    • Growth ($20/month)
    • Enterprise (custom pricing)

    Pricing for Growth and Enterprise is customized.

    6. MicroStrategy

    A company that links its success to your growth can never be the wrong choice; MicroStrategy is one of those companies. It is a great analytics software that processes data and builds visual reports for SaaS apps to strengthen their base and spiral up their growth. Its self-service feature provides SaaS app developers with the control they expect to have over their operations. Business decision-making is complicated and often leaves the decision-maker in distress, but MicroStrategy is here to save the day. SaaS apps can simplify their decision-making journey by embedding MicroStrategy’s Embedded Intelligence Feature.  You can create ad hoc reports and customized dashboards through MicroStrategy. It also enables users to cleanse, blend, and connect data for analysis purposes. The downside of this software is the lack of technical support in times of crisis. MicroStrategy customizes its packages for a smooth user experience. Its packages begin at $600 as one-time charges. Such packages vary from customer to customer, so if you plan to choose MicroStrategy, request the pricing to access the pricing as per your required package.

    7. Logi Analytics

    Get rid of deploying your business operations to other sources by partnering with Logi Analytics. It offers a personalized user experience for every customer as Logi Analytics values the unique aspects of every business. It works on the ‘one shoe does not fit all’ approach and offers tailor-made solutions to its users. Users can build visualizations from the acquired data to simplify the analysis through Logi Composer. Although the software embeds into applications, the users do not lose control over its functionality as it can be customized to suit the business requirements. Logi Analytics blends and filters data to aid report building. It supports its clients to create visual dashboards.

    Yogi is surely ruling the analytics software market with 4.5/5 ratings on the play store. Your security will never be at stake by choosing Logi Analytics, as it enables businesses to maintain control over their user access. Moreover, it follows the security model of every business that signs up for the embedded analytics feature, which ensures that it will never hinder the smooth security services of a business. Avail the request pricing option to check out its price range. Its pricing begins at $16,000/year. Before you make your final decision, Logi Analytics offers a free demo to its potential customers to experience the software’s functionality in real-time. Your journey with Logi Analytics continues even after paying for the software as it provides technical support and exceptional after-sales services to its customers.

    8. WebFOCUS

    A simple and easy-to-use data analytics platform, WebFOCUS, ensures your data translates into workable insights. Users do not need to have a certain skill level to utilize this software as it has an uncomplicated design to facilitate every user. WebFOCUS product offerings are present under the following tabs.

    1. Connect

    Combines data sources without glitches

    2. Unify

    Merges data to enhance control and accessibility

    3. Predict

    Forecast future trends by data analysis

    As users of any skill level can use it, it targets various industries ranging from banking, manufacturing, telecom, retail, and energy to healthcare, insurance, and law enforcement. 


    • First year packages ($28000/20 users)
    • Additional packages ($700/user)

    To request pricing, click here.

    9. Dundas BI

    Dudas BI claims to be a game-changer in data analytics, and rightly so. Dundas is a data analytics software that personalizes the analytics experience for every user. It offers value to the customers as the Dundas team is always ready to assist them. By embedding Dundas BI into a SaaS app, users will obtain data analytics and customizable reports in no time. After being in the analytics industry for over 25 years, Dundas’ claims of reliable performance are proven. Personalization and collaboration are the two key features offered by this software. It also offers end-to-end extensibility to its clients. Moreover, you can access data to unlock data insights in real-time. It has a successful track record of providing business reports and data analytics to its users. It has customized plans for mid-to-large enterprises and software vendors. Dundas’ packages’ pricing is not openly available. You can request a customized pricing range as per your requirements. Unlike other software that adds additional prices to the final quote, Dundas BI ensures that customers obtain a transparent price tailored to their needs. You can also request a free trial of 25 days before getting onboard with Dundas BI. Discover the premium features through a free demo.

    10. JReport

    JReport is one of the best business intelligence platforms available in the industry. It offers a wide range of solutions to its customers. The user base can benefit from JReport’s features by accessing its services for report building, dashboard management, and embedding data analytics into SaaS apps. Jreport facilitates users by creating comparative charts to see the ongoing trends. Along with the charts and tables, it filters out irrelevant data to enable customers to analyze efficiently. The target market of JReport is architects, product managers, engineers, and CTOs. Still, as the product can be embedded into any business software, the users are not limited to these only. Users can access tables and charts from JReport’s components library to arrange data and conduct comparative analyses. Insightful data visualizations are available for the user to provide a seamless analytical experience. You can acquire JReport’s basic license at $30,000. Click here to obtain a free price quote.

    11. Izenda

    Izenda is a self-service business intelligence software that drives business growth and enhances performance. Businesses are often hesitant to include third parties into their hierarchy as it often disrupts the services and privacy. Due to security concerns, Izenda allows companies to manage their data on their own. Eliminate all the third-party software now. By embedding Izenda into SaaS apps, businesses can transform their data into analytical insights for future actions. End-users can create their dashboards, analytical reports, and visualizations by integrating Izenda. It is a fairly quick software that saves time and speeds up the business processes. By providing real-time visualizations to businesses, Izenda makes sure that businesses have full control over their operations. The Pricing of Izenda begins at $12,000 per annum with a free trial. You will not be putting your money at stake as this data analytics software has a 4.5/5 rating on Capterra.

    12. Looker

    For SaaS app developers looking for analytics software that enables them to conduct data exploration by controlling data, Looker is the one for them. Although an expensive software, Looker facilitates SaaS apps to manage and customize data for analytical purposes. Looker’s embedded analytics platform intends to develop data visualizations for businesses to streamline their operations and drive them towards growth. Certain features in Looker give it an edge over other analytics software present in the market, the ability to link up with on-site and cloud-based data sources being one of them. Looker’s target segment is SaaS apps with a well-developed user base that can utilize LookML, which is Looker’s built-in data language. Fortunately, Looker is not limited to advanced users only; it supports learners to make maximum use of the dashboard. SaaS organizations that can pay up to $3000-$5000 per month can opt for Looker to experience a transformative analytical experience.

    13. Cloudera

    Cloudera brought a transformation in the business world by facilitating every client with data at their fingertips. It enables businesses to enhance their performance by discovering the value of their data. With a high-performance rate and low costs pricing structure, Cloudera is software for SaaS apps that cannot afford expensive data analytics software.


    • Data Engineering ($0.07/CCU)
    • Data Warehouse ($0.054/CCU)
    • Operational Database ($0.08/CCU)
    • Machine Learning ($0.17/CCU)
    • Data Hub ($0.04/CCU)
    • Data Flow ($0.30/CCU)
    • Flow Management on Data Hub ($0.15/CCU)

    All these packages are priced on an hourly basis. Contact the sales team to access the customized price charts. Currently, Cloudera provides solutions to healthcare, public sector, insurance, technology, education, and many more. Request a test drive by visiting Cloudera’s website and experience being a client before registration.

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