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Why is Dotnet Report Builder the Best-Embedded Analytics Solution?

Imagine, if you could place all your data, insights, and visuals in a business intelligence platform. Imagine using all this for quicker information, improved business performance and informed decision-making purposes.

That’s embedded analytics which gives your data a chance to venture out in multiple ways to create value on platforms and databases.

What is Embedded Analytics?

Embedded analytics allows plugging and implementing third-party software into your application to benefit from advanced data analytics tools and use them as your own.

Embedded analytics and business intelligence tools are platforms designed to gather data about your business activities to help provide insights that can inform your decision-making. It is a part of many key applications today and choosing the right analytics partner for your business can help you align strategically and deliver high value. In simpler words, it helps you put information where information will get used. For example: updating information in a picture for an article or blog post.

It has many benefits as it integrates directly with an already set database system. Thus, it gives easier access and more compatible results.

Why DotNet Report Builder has the best-embedded Analytics Solution?

Today many applications have multiple built-in features that help monitor and explore data. As business needs are changing users have also adapted to new changes. Embedded analytics in your product and application is a modern way to support teams. It helps gain valuable insights and gives users a data-driven experience that helps them in their decisions. It also helps add more value and benefits to your business.

Here’s why DotNet report builder has the best-embedded analytics solutions.

  1. Easy Integration

Dotnet report builder provides a list of powerful features for businesses to integrate and embed in their already existing software. It allows easy integration into existing businesses. This helps the company’s CRM software a bit easier and less complex for data analysts.

You can also integrate reporting and analytical capabilities into your software and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) businesses. Today, when flexibility is a priority businesses need to stay competitive to provide such an opportunity to gain market share and set themselves as industry leaders and innovators.

  1. Reduces Risk 

Technology advancements and ongoing digital awareness of embedded analytics are increasing its demand. Today businesses see reduced risk factors and are more focused on them. The increased demand is fueling customers in every industry and organizations are now realizing its value and significant growth in the market.

Whether you run a software house or an industry or you own a SaaS business, embedded analytics will bring a different approach to your business. Hybrid and on-premises. 

For example, financial institutions might focus on delivering on-premises embedded analytics to their customers for reporting, ad hoc analysis and dashboards. While SaaS companies may offer hybrid and remote features where their data resides in data centres to realize gains and increase revenue for the market while reducing risks.

DotNet Report offers multi-national clients with large sets of data to take leverage with its embedded analytics and deliver self-service analysis to its customers.

  1. Ease in Deployment

Embedding Dotnet Report Builder is simple, easy and secure. Dotnet report builder has a cloud-based application with reporting and dashboard facilities that allow easy data incorporation on integrated software applications.

It makes it easy to deploy and create better visualizations through existing workflows. With Ad Hoc Report Builder features, businesses can create reports easily. These reports are useful, insightful and offer insights for people at all levels. 

.Net Web Application is among the best features of dotnet Report.

  1. Benefits of Integration on Different Applications

Still not satisfied. Hear out the best part of Dotnet embedded analytics. It offers ease in integration in different applications. Giving data analysts access to create reports and dashboards with ease and saves time. The ad hoc design makes it easy to create meaningful reports that help in business functions and workflows.

  1. Provides Users with Various Layouts and Report Formats

Dotnet report builder offers a variety of report formats and layouts that can help data analysts choose the most suitable visual layout for data analysis.

All these different layouts are useful for small and large scale businesses to target specific data sets. A range of filters can be applied using features like a drag and drop interface to filter out meaningful information that helps managers and leaders to take important decisions regarding their products, services, and customers and move their business in the right direction.

  1. Improves User Experience

The embedded analytic feature of dotnet report builder allows personalized experience for every new and old user. It gives users their rights and access controls which makes data tracking easier.

Each user can customize the data reports and dashboards according to their preference and needs. This feature helps eliminate unnecessary and irrelevant data files that may crowd the report and distract user attention from important and relevant pieces of information. 

It eventually leads to a productive environment and improves experience for each user working on the platform and in the team. 

  1. Cost-Effective and Productive

Imagine the cost businesses used to incur to create manual reports from scratch for each new data and feature. Not anymore. Today, businesses can save such costs and improve their productivity using DotNet’s embedded analytics solution. They are a great way for businesses to get their customized reports, generate data visualizations and get real-time insights. 

All of this at a lesser cost and results are more productive in the long run. 

Have you been looking for embedded analytics? Try DotNet today.

  1. Create Revenue Streams and Open Revenue Opportunities

The most valuable aspect of DotNet embedded analytics is its ability to help design new business models that can lead organizations to monetize their already existing data and create multiple new revenue streams. 

So what data to collect which gives valuable information and could be valuable for customers? 

For example, if you own a website development application or a website building app, and you have already identified peak traffic times of customers. Your insights and analysis can help customers and clients to gain insights.

Like what’s the best time to publish and update content on the website.

You can also use your analysis for third-party data to gain additional insights into your or your client’s customer behaviours and preferences. This may lead you to more financial opportunities you never imagined.

For example, credit card companies aggregate their consumer spending data and benchmark it according.

A restaurant owner or a food chain can use this data to see how credit card expenditure at their location compares to other restaurants in their city or region or restaurants that serve the same type of cuisine, like Thai, Korean or Mexican food.

Embedded analytics can help them make informed changes to their food, pricing, menu, and hours to attract a certain demographic they may have initially overlooked.

Dotnet Report provides a range of solutions for creating simple reports. It’s easy to install and get running, while anyone will be able to navigate the built-in report design and management tools.

  1. Helps to Gain Stakeholder and Executive Buy-in

To get a valuable presence for Dotnet’s embedded analytics in your organization, it’s critical to have internal support. Here’s how you can create a data-driven culture in your organization.

  1. Identify key areas where you can improve your overall business outcomes or processes, such as an increase in productivity. Make sure to share these wins in your organization.
  2. Gather data of decision-makers in your organizations. See who makes decisions without analytic insight, and educate them on the benefits of DotNet embedded analytics.
  3. Create teams to focus on projects that bring benefits to the business. Make sure to communicate with internal functions about the efforts.
  4. Have a “Chief Data Officer” or “Chief Analytics Officer”? Focus on sharing this and not just BI and data analytics experts. Show the importance of data as an executive position may help you get your message heard. 
  5. Share the pain points and solve those. If it works well, keep it going.
  6. Automate your business process where you can. Make functions work easier, use data processing, schedules and alerts to automate tasks and save time and costs.
  7. Determine key areas where delivering concise analytics to any decision-makers would be of value.
  8. Always make a priority list. Start with a prioritized list of the things that are in the biggest demand and will have the biggest payoff first.
  9. Make sure everyone gets the importance of data. Also, create a powerful message in a way that gets heard by decision-makers and leaders.

Why Choose DotNet Report Builder for Your Embedded Analytics Solution

Embedded BI platforms such as DotNetReport provide businesses with ease and seamless integration of highly customized analytics features into your built-in software. Our white-labelling tools in particular enable developers, business analysts and data analysts to match the analytics components with the rest of your core application experience, aesthetics, branding, mission and vision. 

We also help you meet your business needs and focus to combines action-based dashboards, data storytelling tools, and data visualizations.

With our contextual analytics and in-depth insights, we help you highlight the value of your product as a package by engaging your new and existing users with all new and latest analytical features.

Here are the 3 things about what we offer at DotNet and recommend businesses to look for in embedded analytics.

  1. Traditional and Modern Analytical Capabilities

Embedding analytics into any application enables businesses and customers to use data for their work. For some businesses, basic features of baseline business intelligence tools such as dashboards may work. While some may require advanced business intelligence tools.

However, there are always certain users whose needs evolve and who are looking for advanced analytical features. This is where DotNet comes in to address such users with our advanced solutions. 

The best embedded BI solutions cater to business needs who look for a broad spectrum of self-service BI requirements, both traditional and modern. 

Embedded analytics reports and dashboards must solve those problems and the reports are actionable and enhanced with graphical representation, data storytelling, collaboration and broadcasting features to better share discovered insights and encourage users to adapt to such changes.

In addition to data preparation and modelling, administration and security, it’s important to understand how each analytical element is embedded into your software and whether it offers flexible options. 

DotNet Report Builders uses APIs to run embedded code across cloud, desktop, mobile, and web-based sources. It ensures that your software is future-proof to scale with your users as data requirements increase.

  1. Seamlessly Blend Analytics With Your Software UI/UX

Organizations that can deliver exceptional embedded analytics features like action-based dashboards and automated insights require updated data to come up with a solution that can integrate these tools alongside your business’s core software in a seamless manner. This ensures that your user gets more value from your product. 

DotNet report helps developers with access and total control over how each embedded analytics component looks and feels. This helps to accurately align with the vision of your business, your values and your product. The way it doesn’t look like a third-party analytics solution eliminates any potential concerns from users around performance or security.

  1. Share time to market your product

The biggest roadblocks to building an analytics solution for any business into your product using your in-house team of developers and analysts are the time and costs that incur in getting it up and running. 

With an embedded BI tool, you get a designed streamlined and efficient integration process that allows your software to get its product to reach the market fast with little time and cost involved. Once it reduces potential development time around getting your in-built analytics accessible for users, developers can later focus on improving other critical elements of your core product and leverage capabilities in a matter of days rather than months. 


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