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Top 16 Machine Learning Tools to Make Your Business Smarter

machine learning tools

Best Machine Learning tools out there is helping businesses make the best decisions for their growth. Everyday we are shaping our business communities with the use of machine learning tools. From customer service to handling leads, machine learning businesses have become a necessity. 

As a staple of modern business and corporation setup, machine learning businesses have become important to grow. Whether you are looking to generate dynamic reports with softwares like dotnet Report or designing your own chatbots for timely customer service, there is no doubt that the best machine learning tools out there has opened a whole new venue of automation, scalability and agility for businesses. 

Machine learning in businesses:

machine learning tools

From big data to artificial intelligence, data sciences are reigning across the globe. Gaining insights from raw data gas becomes easier thanks to the machine learning softwares out there. 

Integration of machine learning into your business to better understand your customer is crucial. This is why you need to understand how machine learning can fit into your business processes. Whether you are looking to generate more customers from your ecommerce website, looking to improve your POS in your new cafe or managing employee schedules, make sure you are choosing the best machine learning softwares out there. 

Best use cases of machine learning tools in business:

One of the most common examples of the best ml softwares is the use of chatbots. Chatbots are designed to provide automated responses to customers. Like Siri, chatbots can also be voice activated and provide human-like conversations to help people resolve their issues. 

Another example is the use of machine learning softwares to make decisions. We have been raving earlier about how business growth is being shaped by how businesses are using big data to compute algorithms. Decision making process can be daunting if you don’t have enough insights into market trends and consumer behaviour. Businesses are overcoming this issue by using ml softwares to help them manage their incoming data to either make reports or run analytics on them. 

Another area where the best ml softwares have simplified and automated processes is, personalised recommendations. Predicting customer behaviour and then delivering what they want is the key to yielding a high return on investment. Ecommerce giants like Amazon are automating the way customers receive curated recommendations based on their searches and saved lists or whatever items they add to their carts. Moreover, YouTube is also known for showing curated content to viewers based on the data received from their previous searches. 

Imagine being able to figure out why you are losing certain amount of customers each month. That’s a job for the best ml software out there to handle. Your algorithm gathered from a website or ecommerce store can even identify markers for when customers are about to lose interest in your brand. This way your customer relationship can be shaped to pacify the churn rate and also provide the customer with what they’re looking for. 

Now that we have shared some examples of how machine learning businesses have automated and enhanced business functionalities, let’s take a look at the machine learning tools in the market that are popular in 2022. 

Machine learning tools every business needs 

  1. PyTorch 

PyTorch aids users in creating graphs and offers a wide variety of computational algorithms. It builds neural networks with the help of Autograd Modules.

  1. Apache Mahout 

This tool is a trusted choice for mathematicians and statistics experts who want to run their algorithms. For running mathematics operations, Java script is provided. It uses the linear algebra framework. This platform is usually used where large amounts of data sets are being processed. 

  1. TensorFlow 

TensorFlow is ideal for building models. Written in Java script, this tool also provides TensorFlow.js which allows users to run their preexisting models. 

  1. IBM Watson 

Looking for ease when it comes to running a data set? Then IBM Watson is the ideal machine learning tool for your business. With IBM, multiple model frameworks can be executed at the same time. Their customer support system is also exceptional which has made it easy to use and deployable. 

  1. Amazon Machine Learning 

Amazon Machine Learning is one of the most easy to use softwares out there. It offers support for machine learning tools like PyTorch etc. It is easy to create machine learning models in this software. With its high level security with affordable prices, Amazon Machine Learning has become a proven platform for business intelligence. 

  1. Accord.Net

Audio, signal and video content is processed on this software. It offers algorithms for statistics, neural networks etc. Graphs and visualisation tools are also available. 

  1. Scikit-learn 

This tool allows users to program with Python. It has a library of files available for Python. Users are aided in the processes of clustering, classification, data mining and other processes of data prior to its processing. One of the pros of using Scikit-learn is that it comes with documentation which helps the analyst understand the working of this platform.

  1. Weka 

If you need a tool specifically for data mining then Weka is the choice to make. Trusted by many businesses, this tool is used for classifications, visualisation and rules mining. This platform can even be used by amateur analysts and comes with content to understand the workings of the software. 

  1. Shogun 

Shogun is designed with a huge variety of data algorithms and machine learning. This tool is supported by different languages including Lua, Python, Ruby etc. This software can easily adapt to large data sets and offers good user experience with its easy to understand features and functionalities. 

  1. Rapid Miner

Rapid Miner is ideal for applications development. Moreover, it is a cohesive platform for deep learning, data preparation, and analysis. App development and research are just some of the use cases for businesses and institutions who use RapidMiner. It offers robust support for designing and implementing analytical workflows. Following all steps of data preparation, users can easily perform and manage all steps of cleansing and filtering data to process it. 

  1. KNIME 

This platform is an amalgamation of data mining and machine learning. Ideal for reporting and integration, users can easily install and learn how to use this software. Businesses who prefer to use KNIME over other machine learning tools for customer relationship management, analysing financial information etc. 

  1. Google Cloud ML Engine

Known for its versatility, Google Cloud is a comprehensive software among other best ml softwares. It utilises the wide range of analytics networks provided by Google. Complex processes involving data are rays to handle with an ML engine. Moreover, 

  1. Oryx 

This is amongst one of the best machine learning software due to its scalability.  Using Apache Hadoop, this platform can generate multiple models from continuous streams of data. Moreover, you users can also update these models from the incoming streams of data. 

  1. Apple Core ML 

Apple Core ML is ideal for running models without connecting to any network. It is also designed to support neural networks and processing audio/video files. Users can also transfer models from PyTorch to CoreML with ease. This software is also designed to make model deployment seamless. 

  1. Grammarly 

Known as one of the best ml softwares out there when it comes to natural language processing, Grammarly can recognize patterns in the written text. With the help of language processing techniques, it can understand language the same way a human being does. The main purpose of grammarly is to allow users to write in an appropriate manner which is easy to understand and interpret.  So, whether you are curating an email or responding to a message from your client, Grammarly is the tool to use. 

  1. Atomic Reach 

Till now, we have been listing the best machine learning softwares which are known for data processing. However, this is not the only area where artificial intelligence and machine learning has made waves. For content marketing, companies are now using Atomic Reach. This software basically helps the writer with content which will help in converting more customers. This tool is ideal for digital agencies who want to improve their client’s customer conversion by enhancing the readability of their content. When it comes to content, the use cases are unlimited from email marketing for cold leads, direct response content and long form articles. 

What makes dotnet Report an ideal ML software?

machine learning tools

By now, we have talked extensively about the type of best machine learning softwares in the market. Whether it is reports or running analytics, businesses are enhancing their performance exponentially all with the agility of machine learning. Dotnet Report is an important tool in this lane. It helps users generate reports and charts without the hassle of assembling data manually. 

From its intuitive dashboard where you can add your own filters and run analytics on them to different types of reports that can be generated, this tool has become a staple for SaaS providers and tech experts in IT companies. Joining the future of agility, speed and automation is the need of the hour. Machine learning businesses are helping the business world grapple with the challenges of data management while enhancing their performance. AI is the future, now it is your turn to choose the best set of softwares to futurize how you function. Reporting and analytics is an important part of any business and a trusted choice for many of our clients. You, too, can become one of them and optimise your performance. Join the future with us today! 

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