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Business Intelligence: An Innovative Approach

    Business Intelligence is a set of technology and techniques that when applied to business data gives meaningful insight into the business. This insight helps management to understand the business dynamics and make decisions about the future direction of the business. Business Intelligence software usually provides a varied range of reports and creative dashboards to present data and work with the data analyst team to achieve the business targets and goals set up by the management.

    With the approach of innovations and technological advancement, new techniques and improvised business intelligence tools have been making their way in the market that present data with more accuracy and variations using AI techniques and NLP.

    The more powerful and effective the business intelligence tools, the faster and easier it would be to grasp the essence of data analysis and perform complex data gathering and linking to ensure smooth functioning of report analysis and distribution system on a daily, weekly and annual basis.

    Here, we present to you some innovative approaches to Data that have become the main focus of many business Intelligence software tools and data analytics and reporting tools. These ad hoc reporting softwares view data as the lifeblood of any business and a source for powerful decision making.

    Data from Multiple Sources:

    Data in the mainstream business comes from different channels and sources. The businesses have understood well that their only way to succeed and move ahead is to make use of all this data. The business intelligence software is now expected to link all sources of data together to make a data network and then store this information about the data in a metadata repository for reference and tracking purposes. This link between data sources allows end-users to make the related connections between data entities across multiple channels and sources and study the impact of different factors on this data entity bringing together a complete picture for future decision making.

    Data Mining:

    Data mining has emerged as the way to analyze data faster and with great accuracy using creative data dashboards. The term big data has evolved for the enterprise-level business operations to make use of this data repository that is the gold mine for predicting future trends for their business. Businesses also make use of a metadata layer which means data about data. For this purpose, a metadata repository is set up to maintain and keep a record of each data entity.

    Some use cases in different fields:

    Let’s take the example of dotnet report builder which is a complete ad hoc reporting software and a business intelligence tool designed to cater to enterprise-level businesses across the globe. It can be embedded into any existing solution with minimum overhead and cater to the data reporting and analytics needs of the business across all management levels. Below are some use cases where dotnet report builder has done the job immaculately and showed the innovative approach of this business intelligence software handling customers in different fields of the business community.  

    Emergency Solutions

    Emergency Solutions offers a complete management system for Fire Departments. Emergency Solutions provides powerful software to help manage all aspects of running a Fire Department. With so many end users, it was becoming a huge burden for the development team to keep up with the reporting demands and customization requests.

    Emergency Solutions was able to adapt dotnet Report quickly into their solution, with very little development time, and released a customer report application to their end-users. Also, their developers even extended the open-source code to provide new Heat and Pin maps using Google Maps


    Netview Informatica is a company based in Brazil that creates software solutions for lawyers and law firms who generate and use large amounts of data as they work with complicated laws and regulations in their law practices in Brazil. Their flagship product is a Legal Process application called MAX®. As part of their daily workflow, these lawyers need the MAX® solution to generate many custom reports.

    Netview Informatica embedded dotnet Report Builder into its application and rebranded the solution as MAX Report Builder®. They customized the solution to match the look and feel of their main application. Netview also easily changed the language to Brazil’s native language of Portuguese. With this new embedded ad-hoc reporting solution, Netview’s end-users can now build their own custom reports without the need to wait for developers to create these reports.


    Mobilitie is an infrastructure company that works with venues and wireless carriers to ensure their customers are better connected. For the executives, the IT Team used to provide reports about all the assets managed by the company varying in terms and conditions.

    With the increase in business and volume of data, multiple different types of reports were needed, and the report format was customized as per user. A dedicated resource of the IT Team was required just to manually create these reports every day and thereby was not able to utilize their development skills.

    dotnet Report’s self-service reporting solution enables its users to create their own reports, saving 30% of their development team’s time. Not only users are happy but the IT team is also more productive as they don’t have to create manual reports anymore. End users have more flexibility with the range of filters and different types of reports they can build.

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