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Case Study: Emergency Solutions Inc.


Emergency Solutions is a software development company that created a SaaS management software for the Fire Department. This software is run at different fire stations and is handled by end users. The users need to run a varied set of customized reports with different dataset that changes from customer to customer.

Initially, Emergency solutions were catering to the reporting needs from the user manually and coding a report for each request. Soon they realized that this was not a mangeable task and put a lot of burden on the development team. The end users also had to experience waste of time and work interruptions while they waited for their report requests to materialize.

Emergency solutions looked for a ready to add ad hoc reporting solution and found dotnet report.

Ad hoc Report Solution- Dotnet Report

This is where dotnet reports come in. Emergency solutions were very satisfied with our product because it took very little time for integration and fit seamlessly into their software as an embedded solution. Its unique features and efficient functionality not only provided their users with same quality and credibility but also offered the varied report layouts and filters that was their core requirement.

Emergency Solutions have happy customers now because ….

Customers are now able to create their own customized reports with beautiful visualization.

dotnet report is completely embedded into their software and has the look and feel of their software.

Efficient data driven filters and multiple layouts are available for them to work with.

They can design and run any new report independently instead of relying on the development team.

Emergency solutions also saved great amount of their valuable time by using dotnet report. By their own estimation, they saved one year of development time and day to day 10% of their development time by embedding dotnet Report and not having to build their own custom reporting solution.

So, This is the success story of Emergency solutions using dotnet report for their customer. Want to have your own success story to share. Give us a chance to show you how to make it work. Click Here to sign up for a trial.

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Companies and Software Developers across many industries, from Banking to Oil & Gas, to Software Consultants and especially SaaS providers, rely on dotnet Report for their Reporting needs every day. Both internal and external stakeholders for these companies create Reports and Dashboards using our reporting engine to get meaningful and actionable insights to their data. Contact us today to see how you can get an edge over the competition with our modern Report Building Software.

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