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Group or Chart Reports with Drill down Data

Creating Reports with detailed drill down data is a breeze with .Net Report Builder. Any Summary or Chart Report that you create automatically gives you the option to expand and view details about each row that was included in the main summary record.


For this example, we will create an Orders Report with count of orders every month.

First, choose “Summary” Report type:

Next Choose “Orders” for data section and check “Order ID” and “Order date”:

Next, choose “Group by Month” for Order date and “Count” for Order Id. Also check the “Filter” option for Order date:

Next name the Report, and choose “Order date” as Sort by and “Save and Run” the Report:

When you run the Report, you will see the Orders count by every month as expected:

Note that each row also has a + sign next to it. When you click on it, Report Builder software will expand the row and give you a drill down or sub report that consist of each record the summary or the total was based on:

Note that this sub report is also paged, and you can browse through the pages to see all the records, or click on the Excel button to export all records to Excel.

If you want to include more data in the Details drill down sub report, you can do so by marking those as “Only in Detail”. Click on “Edit Report”, and then add the following data to the Report:

Then “Save and Run Report” again, and you will see that the Main Results are still the same, however, when you expand the Report, now you see the additional data as well:

drill down report in .net report builder

Drill down sub reports work exactly the same way for Charts or Graphs. Edit the report and change it’s Report Type to “Bar Graph”, and when you run the report, you will get the following:

So this way, creating a complex report with a Detailed Drill Down Sub Report with .Net Report Builder is extremely easy.

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