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What are the best cloud based tools for entrepreneurs?

Cloud softwares for businesses is important for business success in 2022. Cloud based businesses are the one whose 90% to 94% workload is shifted to cloud. According to cloud computing trends, almost 48% companies are going to shift their application over to cloud this year. Cloud software for businesses are basically IT tools which are available on the cloud. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being integrated into business intelligence even more. Cloud based tools made the access to artificial intelligence even more easy. Tools like dotnet Report allows users to generate reports, charts and graphs to see how these data is interacting with each other. 

cloud based tools for entrepreneurs

Cloud based tools for entrepreneurs are of a wide variety. Whether you want to run data analysis, gain actionable insights from it, manage your cloud storage, or simply use a project management tool, it cannot be done with cloud based tools. Usually companies have some reservations about using cloud based softwares. From integration issues to data security, companies are sometimes looking towards a solution provider that can help them overcome these issues. This is why we are bringing you the best cloud based tools for entrepreneurs. 

Benefits of cloud software for businesses:

cloud based tools for entrepreneurs

Cloud tools for entrepreneurs, as mentioned above have gained a lot of popularity. One of the main reasons why cloud software for business is important points to its scalability. It does not require installing or integrating on site. Your business will have unlimited cloud storage and access to data anytime and anywhere. 

It’s easier to scale as you grow with time and data can be accessed remotely. Since the pandemic, cloud based tools have become central to business processes. They allow users to easily stay connected via project management applications, cloud storage and virtual conferencing applications. When it comes to scalability, cloud based tools grow with you. As website traffic increases, cloud storage can be expanded allowing your website to perform optimally. With increasing workload, your cloud based softwares will scale with you. 

Smooth and seamless business processes are central to your growth. With cloud software, your business will not face data loss. Businesses everyday are relying on the reliability of these cloud based softwares. Whether it is potential loss of data which is recovered via backup or security against fraud, cloud based tools have always delivered. 

Collaborating with your team is easy virtually or in a hybrid setting with cloud based tools. Video conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom have become increasingly popular to help teams communicate and collaborate via file sharing or assigning tasks online. 

Cloud software for businesses are designed to update and upgrade themselves automatically. You do not have to hire specialists or halt daily work to update the software. This softwares ensures that your business will run smoothly. 

Cloud bases tools help businesses gain more actionable insights. Whether you are tracking insights via project management systems or designing reports via dotnet reports for your gathered data, cloud solutions have paved the way for business intelligence. With dotnet Report, you can create charts and reports to view on your dashboard. There are different features for you to explore. 

Considering the current global climate, businesses have to be ready for remote work  thanks to cloud software for businesses, your team can shift to cloud storage and virtual work with collaboration solutions. 

Discover the best cloud software for businesses:

cloud based tools for entrepreneurs

Dotnet report

This cloud software is a dream come true for data analysts. It’s easy to use interface is ideal for generating reports, charts and graphs. Its integration and onboarding process is easy and it is open source front end implying that the user is in complete control of the reporting dashboard. 

This report building platform can also schedule reports to generate everyday. In this existing framework, you can also restrict and allow access to your report and also access all types of files even if they’re on different databases. When it comes to data, creating data lists is automated where each data filter can generate a list on its own. 

Google Workspace 

Also known as G Suite, Google Workspace offers access to Google docs, spreadsheets, slides, forms, sites etc. It also provides a complete set of collaboration solutions like Google Meet, Drive for file sharing, and Calendar to set and share schedules of work and meetings. 


Slack provides a cloud based messaging channel for teams to collaborate over messages, calls or simply sharing files. You can organise your work by creating different channels assigned to different projects and teams. There are searchable archives to access documents and old conversations so you do not have to repeatedly ask for information. With Slack, you can create public and private channels for your own security. Meanwhile, not only across teams, you can also collaborate with other organisations through Slack Connect. 


Trello helps teams set deadlines and assign work via tickets. Trello is a great way to manage and complete projects. Within one project, you can create multiple boards which make up a set of lists and each board has cards with task details. On each card, your team executives can assign tag members, set deadlines and leave comments. With customised workflows,  you can track progress and see how your team is performing. You can also connect your Trello board with Google drive links, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, Confluence and many more. 


Asana is another great collaborative cloud solution which helps teams work together. List view allows you to choose how you want to view your work. In these lists, you can create a set of steps as part of a plan to execute in order to complete your project. With structured timelines, you can see what tasks are underway, which ones are complete and what need to be completed. Asana also gives you a project overview to view your tasks, meetings, briefs, goals, tagged resources all in one place. 


Cloud based businesses can really benefit from Hootsuite. It offers a complete dashboard for managing all social media accounts in one place. You can plan your content calendars, view insights, make and publish posts easily. With Hootsuite, you can monitor competitor’s activity as well through your cohesive dashboard. Hootsuite insights gives the marketer a clear view of the online conversation happening on their page in real time. You can also view specific keywords, location, audience demographics etc. 


Sharing files is a common everyday task for businesses. Hundreds of files are shared and edited. But storage could be an issue for businesses who are managing multiple teams. This is why small businesses and entrepreneurs are using Dropbox to share files, store large amounts of data, sync and collaborate in a secure environment. Their paid subscription offers thousands GB storage, ease of delivering large files, content management settings, automatic backup and much more. 


Grammarly is an online writing tool to check for grammatical errors, structuring, readability and other parameters. As a cloud tool for entrepreneurs, Grammarly offers a lot beyond just a writing tool. Teams can utilise a customisable style guide and allows you to set a brand tone. This way, your written text will be grammatically correct and on brand as well. 


Salesforce is designed to automate customer journeys. As a customer relationship management software, it manages customer information, provides excellent customer service with tools like branded self service sites etc. It also offers an all purpose dashboard to reach your customer via email, messages or any other channel you are using for customer satisfaction. With a sales management plan, you can track your customers throughout their customer journey. Now keeping track of your data insights is also incredibly easy since all of your customer information and activity is saved in one place. 

With streamlined workflows, all of your daily sales tasks are automated. This includes tracking customer activity, sending email alerts etc. With Salesforce, business managers also get actionable, accurate and precise insights for sales cycles and how much revenue will be generated. This way, your customer facing teams have a clear idea of what is to come. 

Using cloud software for businesses has helped businesses augment their performance. Its not just about automating a few tasks, it involves streamlining your daily processes so you can optimize your performance. These cloud based businesses have paved way for businesses to function. With applications like Dotnet Report, generating reports has been automated. You no longer have to worry about coding or compiling data to create reports. With this platform, your business intelligence will be enhanced. Along with these cloud tools for entrepreneurs, join the league of businesses who are part of the future of innovation today. 

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