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The Value of Data Preparation Tools for Analytics

data preparation tool

Data preparation tools are used in business intelligence and data visualisation applications. These tools are designed to process and prepare data for analysis. Data preparation has different steps including cleansing, processing and creating profiles for data segregation. Software’s like Dotnet Report are designed to help engineers with the management of their reports. 

Tools for data preparation are used by companies because it enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the analysis. This way businesses avoid errors, inaccuracies, and integrate their data in one place. Dotnet Report is 

Demystify data preparation tools:

Data preparation tools are used in business intelligence as a way to assemble data for further processes. As a part of big data analytics and business intelligence, these tools for data preparation are used to gather, map and assemble data from various sources. This helps the companies or data analysts to make sense of the information gathered. 

Then, further processes are conducted on the data to develop meaningful insights which then influences the business decision making process. All in all, data preparation tools are the preliminary step of understanding reports, statistics and large chunks of information that would otherwise be impossible to understand. 

Analytics data preparation platforms like Talend and Dotnet report have made it easy for companies to use these tools on their own. According to research, data management has changed significantly and gained more popularity since the pandemic. 

Why? Well, companies are looking to make better decisions with the help of accurate forecasts and predictions led by Big data. This is why businesses now prefer cloud based and automated data management which is only possible with the help of data preparation tools. 

Data preparation software for your business needs: 

Your business is making multiple decisions every day. Whether it is to invest in the new marketing tools in the next quarter, expand to new cities or simply move forward with a proposal of launching a new product in the market. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have the guarantee of these designs yielding the best results for your business? 

Well, this is now possible with data preparation tools. What you need is analytics which show how different variables will affect your business against different metrics. This is not it. You can analyse your performance on multiple levels and improve how you grow your business. 

But who would wade through multiple zip folders filled with Excel sheets and reports riddled with pie charts? Well, data preparation tools are the exact solution to your data related needs. As mentioned above, data is being gathered on the cloud around the world every second. So, make sure you’re ahead of the professional data your business is generating. 

Purpose of tools for data preparation 

The purpose of these data preparation tools is to quickly and efficiently integrate data gathered from different sources. Let’s look at the bigger picture. Data analysis improves if your data is assembled and gathered in a manner which includes importing information from different sources. Next step is to segregate data according to different markers which will later help you in analysing your data against different factors. 

Next, you want to make sure that your data is cleaned and checked for errors. This will also include checking for errors, bugs or duplicates. Lastly, your data should be stored in the data warehouse or on the cloud. In nutshell, you want to make sure that your information is reliable and well connected because it will affect your analysis. 

Data preparation platforms for analytics:

Data preparation tool

Benefits of data preparation platforms 

Following are the points which will help you have a better view of why data preparation tools are dynamic, necessary and extremely pertinent to your business growth. 

  • Tools for data preparation like Dotnet Report are designed on the premise of one main idea and that is to make the best possible data available for businesses. Better charts and assembly will make it easy for businesses to compile reports and make better decisions. 
  • Analytics gathered data preparation platforms are designed to provide curated data sets to companies who want to streamline their functionalities. The key, however, is not the fact that data is easy to assemble. It is the fact that it produces actionable insights for businesses to gauge their performance from. 
  • Linking to the point made above, data preparation tools are helping businesses to get better return on investment, reduce effort needed to manage their data, provide better data security, and reduce the cost of managing the incoming data on a daily basis. 
  • Having more information about your businesses can never be a bad thing. The more informed you are, the more you are able to make more informed decisions.
  •  Let’s take an example of an ecommerce story who wants to launch a new sportswear line. Imagine they conduct surveys, gather data from other sources to understand their target market, audience, countries of target and competitors etc. This is just the tip of the iceberg. They would also need to do A/B testing of their site to see if their products are accessible easily. User experience would be paramount. If they hadn’t gathered any information or assembled them into reports, any kind of insight would have been impossible. This proves that not only for seasoned businesses, data preparation tools are also important for understanding customer’s behaviour, market trends, global economy or their social media markers. 
  • One word: relevancy. Surely your software developers and daga analyst team can help you with arranging and managing different data sets but it is hard to arrange them so that only relevant information is available to you. This is why the data profiles created at the data preparation step of the analysis is crucial. This step helps the user in identifying patterns and relationships between different data sets so that duplication can be avoided. 
  • Business analytics are not simple pie charts showing which product or yours constitutes the majority of your ROI. It requires CSV files which can easily be turned into tables by the analytics tools and the data preparation platform you are using.
  • Without data preparation, your data can be wrongly profiled leading to false results. These types of errors can also include missing data, anomalies, or simple typos. This can cause data inaccuracies. 
  • Latest discoveries have also introduced automated data preparation tools. There are tools which help the data preparation process by automating the process of removing errors and faults in the data. 
  • Measuring your success in data analytics helps you keep sight of what matters. This includes your business goals and where you want to take your team next. 
  • There are proactive practices you can use to ensure the quality of your data. It is that many data scientists waste their time on preparing the data rather than their analysis. This is why you need data predation platforms to run, access, export, cleanse and share multiple files to manage their information. 

If you’re new to the concept of data preparation and just realised how vital it can be for your business then it’s time to look into an ideal data preparation tool for your business. 

First of all, it is important to determine goals your business wants to achieve by using a data preparation platform. What metrics do your business need to follow in order to make insightful decisions which will yield the best outcomes for your business?  Which software works the best for you and how it will solve the issues you are already facing in your data processing and machine learning processes? 

All of these questions can be answered easily. The key is to realise how data preparation as a process fits in your business hierarchy. 

About Dotnet Report and how it works: 

data preparation tool

Dotnet Report is a perfect example of how data preparation tools can be used by companies in different fields. There are different features used by analysts to use including:

  •  This ad hoc reporting tool provides a dashboard to view progress of the built-in charts and run analytics on them. 
  • With the report scheduler feature, you can set a timer for when a report has to be emailed. Try forgetting sending important emails now (you won’t)
  • You can also filter data and build a data list automatically excluding certain variables. Data can also be arranged in order of entry by mentioning the date or year, etc.
  •  With Drilldown reports, you can view complete data rows all at once. 

Dot Net report is a trusted product of choice for many SaaS providers, software development teams and software contractors. So, if you’re looking for a software that can be easily embedded into the softwares you are using for easy flow of reports, easy to learn, and don’t want to code each report then dotnet Report is ideal for your business. 

Data management for businesses can be daunting, so make sure you’re not stuck managing reports manually. Tools like dotnet Report have proved how vital cleaning, managing and reporting data in real time is possible. The key is to use softwares which helps you automate the process.

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