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Data Security features of dotnet report builder

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    What is Data security?

    When we talk about cloud computing and cloud applications, the first thing that comes in our mind is that if we have data stored in remote locations how can we keep our data secure and make the transactions of data from server to client device a secure and reliable transaction. Data security means protecting data files, databases and transactions through the network from any unwanted attack or criminal activity. To implement data security, the system needs to follow a set of protocols and techniques to maintain data security and integrity across the system and during online transactions of data.

    Why is it important?

    Data security is important in any software solution but in an online service it is absolutely crucial. When clients are purchasing our SaaS software like dynamic report builder in c# that provides online services to solve their problems they need to trust the vendors to keep their valuable and confidential data safe and maintain the reliability and integrity of data. Data is not just some numbers and figures, nowadays, data has become a valuable asset that can help shape the future of the business. This data needs to be secured and cannot be compromised at any time. Online services rely heavily on data security and follow all guidelines and protocols required to keep the user data secure to gain trust of their clients and maintain that relationship with their customers where they can have customers spreading good word about their software because of their great reputation in handling the customer data efficiently and securely.

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    General security features for ad hoc reporting software

    • The system should identify the more sensitive information and mark it when handling requests. Providing access to edit and update this information should be through administrative rights only and then also multiple access authentications should be setup to make sure that only authorized users have access.
    • Data monitoring should be active at all times. This can identify any breach in access points and can help system to alert the user if anything out of the ordinary happens. This is very important considering the increase in cybercrime and online criminal activity.
    • Regular backup and restore options should be in place where the data is automatically backed up and synced according to the system settings. These are very helpful in providing alternate information if main access point collapses due to some reason and can help maintain the continuity in flow of data from the service to the client.
    • Storing the meta data is another way of maintaining valuable and relevant information about the data. Reviewing the meta data at regular intervals can help you to maintain integrity of the data and also make decisions about updating data.

    Dotnet report builder security model

    Embedded Software

    Dotnet report builder is an embedded .net reporting software that integrates seamlessly into the existing user software and adopts the security regulations of the existing software. This embedded quality of dotnet report helps user to create a secure environment for managing and accessing data. The data is routed through the same security protocols as their existing system keeping the data integrity and reliability intact.

    User and Admin Roles

    At the time of implementation, the user roles and permissions are defined for the existing users. This ad hoc report builder creates a network of secure access for the users and also keeps data relevancy and data privacy in view. For example in an organization data and reports related to employees would be visible to only the relevant departments like HR. Once the system is up and working, new user roles and grants can be assigned by the administrator.  Access rights can be defined for each data report and data set so that there is no data leakage within the organization and confidential data can be kept secure.

    Multiple data connections

    Dotnet report’s security model allows multiple users to access the database at the same time, all of them can access their relevant data and reports through their secure connections. The flow of data is continuous and offers smooth experience for the users with no delays and network issues using the standard API settings.

    Individual access points

    Each user has its own access point in the system that can be authenticated by their own credentials. Once logged into the system they can access data within their right and relevance and manipulate data into creating customized visualizations and data insights that can cater to their needs. They can then save these reports and can share access with other relevant people within the organization without any interference, keeping in tune with all the security measures. This gives them individual access and independence without compromising the data security and integrity.

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