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What Are Some Database Reporting Tools?

    Understanding an organization’s data necessitates database reporting tools and visualization. Businesses use data reporting technologies to collect corporate data and present it in graphs and other visual formats. Knowing what technologies you can utilize to streamline data reporting if your work requires it is useful.

    To put it more simply, Data is presented visually appealing using the best database reporting tools. These tools make data more readable, relevant, and presentable by offering it appealingly.

    But it is important to understand the difference between reporting, analytics, and business intelligence (BI) technologies, which is hazy at best. This is especially true for reporting software that allows users to perform a little bit of everything.

    Difference Between Database Reporting Tools And Business Intelligence Tools

    Businesses can use free database reporting tools to create a “snapshot” of current business operations. Such analytics and reporting tools aid in the construction of a picture based on pertinent data for specific and limited subsets of your business activities.

    For instance, if you need monthly sales numbers for a specific product category, a reporting tool will most likely be able to supply them with a few clicks.

    On the other hand, a business intelligence (BI) tool, on the other hand, assists businesses in determining what is driving specific trends. Attaining it so by combining data from a variety of sources, some of which are wholly external, to see the overall picture across time.

    Consequently, reporting tools show you what’s going on at any given time, whereas BI tools help you figure out why.

    We adore database reporting tools at Dotnet Report since we provide Ad Hoc Reports and Dashboards by embedding our Report Builder in your application.

    Types of Reporting Tools:

    These reporting tools can provide a variety of reports, as demonstrated below:

    • Business Intelligence Reporting
    • Visualization And Reporting
    • Self-Service Reporting
    • Enterprise Reporting
    • Application Performance Reporting
    • Finance-Related 

    Top Database Reporting Tools

    DotNet Report Builder

    Domo Alternative

    Dotnet Report is a basic ad hoc reporting engine that may be embedded. Dotnet Report focuses on end-user report efficiency while allowing IT developers to use our built-in scheduler to build prefabricated reports for email delivery. End-users and developers may concentrate on declaring what will be in the report: views, columns, filters, aggregates, and themes, and the report engine will take care of the tedious layout.

    Customers of Dotnet Report have two fundamental value propositions. It helps them save time and money while also adding value to their customers. Developers may generate and distribute high-value reports using a flexible and straightforward program. End users can simply edit and create new reports while running these reports. You may easily embed open-source code in your application for a seamless transition to using high-quality reports.

    Dotnet’s customer base includes enterprises involved in SaaS, CRM development, IT consulting firms, and internal development teams.

    Zoho Analytics

    Zoho Analytics is a self-service BI and reporting solution that includes pre-built reports and dashboards as well as more than 100 integrations.

    This solution stresses usability and automation by gathering and automatically evaluating your data for errors, gaps, and other issues. It will also allow you to create cross-functional reports without writing a single query.

    With its highly flexible report access settings, you can rapidly manage who sees the produced reports (“one report, several views”) and change the rules on the go. Zoho Analytics is ideal for organizations that want to take a democratized approach to BI and use diverse strategies and levels of technical competence. Best of all, Zoho Analytics and DotNet Report Builder work together smoothly. is a data modeling and self-service business intelligence and free database reporting solution that assists data scientists and engineers find answers to critical problems. Even though the marketing collateral touts a “no-code solution” for non-technical users, it can be difficult to implement.

    Holistics, for example, allows data professionals to conduct complex analytics directly from the interface using SQL. This isn’t the tool for you if you don’t know your way around SQL.

    Holistics reduces data wrangling time in half, giving you more time to focus on high-level data analysis. You can immediately bolt it onto your existing data warehouse and start working because it’s intended to work with your existing data infrastructure.

    People have complained that it isn’t as comprehensive as other tools in this field.


    Hive is powerful project management, reporting, and task coordination application. Hive Analytics uses AI and machine learning to create interactive dashboards that deliver meaningful insights into team productivity and identify issues ahead of time. You can manage team utilization across specific projects or clients by precisely allocating existing and future resources based on real-time data.

    Best database reporting tools also estimate and track time spent on projects for appropriate resource allocation, client billing, and future project planning. Fill up timesheets directly in Hive to track time spent on specific projects or tasks. Get access to timesheet reports that let your team see the big picture.

    You can import data from Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Smartsheet, and a few more apps if you’re converting to Hive from another program.


    AgencyAnalytics is a well-known business SEO and marketing dashboard that enables marketing agencies to demonstrate to their clients how their campaigns are progressing. Backlink reports, rank tracking, and site audits are among the SEO capabilities integrated into the software.

    Marketers can white label the dashboard and provide clients with personal logins to track the performance of their marketing campaigns in real-time with AgencyAnalytics. You may also schedule and automate branded reports that deliver SEO updates regularly.

    Overall, it’s wonderful for collecting a snapshot and running reports. Because Agency Analytics provides improved client reporting and agency-focused solutions, many clients have migrated from their old reporting software.

    On the other hand, Agency Analytics’ principal business is agency reporting. Their keyword statistics and rankings provide an overview but not detailed client reports.

    Answer Rocket

    Answer Rocket is an Al-powered analytics application that offers augmented and visualization solutions to enterprises. Businesses mostly utilize it to acquire meaningful insights into sophisticated data analysis using charts and graphs. To grasp trends and complexity in data, you don’t require technical skills. It simplifies and analyzes reports for you. You can get answers to your questions by asking them in clear English. There is no need to write any computer code or SQL for inquiries.

    It enables organizations to make data-driven decisions quickly. Many B2C organizations want to know how their policies and goods perform in the market. They must cope with a complex and vast volume of data. Answer Rocket gathers, visualizes, and analyzes your data for you. It also forecasts trends and responds to your questions. It provides proactive insights, on-the-spot solutions, dynamic graphical representations, and interactive tales.

    Power BI

    Power BI is a tool for visualizing data. The software can take data from various sources and turn it into visually appealing images. This will make it easier for your staff to comprehend business data. This program can also manage massive amounts of data, making it suitable for large or growing companies who need to keep track of their company data.

    Power BI cleans the data, converts it into a data model, and creates graphics in the form of graphs and charts. It also has possibilities for sharing with other Power BI users in the company.

    The solution also includes interactive dashboards for management and administration to understand departmental performance better. Users can ask natural language inquiries to Cortana, and the program will respond with AI support. Microsoft updates the platform regularly, and the platform’s security has been increased, making it one of the best report-building software.

    Try Dotnet Report Builder For Quick And Easy Ad Hoc Report Creation

    Embedded Reporting

    You’ll only struggle to make sense of large amounts of company data if you don’t use report-building tools. There are a variety of alternative report-building software on the market, each with its own set of features. You can also choose software based on your requirements.

    You should be able to acquire straightforward, structured, and visible responses to your inquiries as soon as possible to improve the quality of your decision-making. Database reporting tools can be quite useful, but they differ greatly in features and pricing. Make sure the tool you choose can meet your business goals and act as a solid foundation for making decisions.

    The reporting and dashboards solution from DotNet Report Builder embeds and integrates easily with your application and tech stack. This allows your users to access their data analytics, reports, and dashboards smoothly and quickly.

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