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API Methods

dotnet Report uses a RESTful backend service which the front end open source code calls and relies on to perform all operations, from loading, saving and running reports.

Calling the API Service

The url for the API service is: https://dotnetreport.com/api.

Each API method requires or supports the following query parameters:

  • account – The account id key is required
  • dataConnect – The data connection id key is required
  • clientId – Currently logged in client id is optional
  • userId – Currently logged in user id is optional
  • userRole – Currently logged in user role is optional

Following is an example of calling the service using the C# method CallReportApi available in the open source front end:

CallReportApi("/ReportApi/SaveFolder", JsonConvert.SerializeObject(new { folderId = 1, folderName = "Folder Name" }));


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