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Creating Comparison Reports

dotnet Report has the ability to perform data comparisons between different date ranges within a report.  With this functionality users can compare the performance of different metrics over different time periods. 

Let’s say we have simple order quantity report that tracks the number of orders this year. When a user adds a date filter and selects “This Year” or “This Month” as range in the date field filter, Dotnet Report will show the button to “Add Comparison”

Choosing a date range shows “Add Comparison” button

Clicking on this button allows the user to choose different time periods to compare data with. As an example, we can compare how the sales orders compare for this year to last year. 

Running the report compares data for this year with last year’s data.  And as easily as that we can compare how the sales performance has changed this year compared to last year. 

This is a very powerful feature that helps decision makers understand how their performance is year over year or month over month and they can use this data to make decisions to drive their business forward. Notes:


  • This feature is only available for Group, Line or Bar Chart Type Reports.
  • Comparison is only applicable when you pick a Date Filter, and choose an applicable date range filter.
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