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Setting up Report Headers

dotnet Report allows users to easily design a custom header that will show up on all reports.

To add a report header, click on the “Report Header” option from the navigation menu.

Check the “Use Report Header” option.

You can add images or text to your report header using the easy and intuitive report designer. When you select a text box or image that you have added, you will be able to move it around or delete it.

For text, you have additional options, like choosing font, changing color or resizing it. For images, the image size is limited to 1MB.

Once you save your changes, any report you run will display your custom header.

Report Headers are applied per client by default, so if you have multiple clients using dotnet report, each client will be able to create and save their own report header.

The header is applied when you export the report to PDF as well.

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