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Creating and Using Custom Fields

dotnet Report Builder allows users to create Custom Fields for basic calculations. This allows users to easily add a calculation instead of a developer creating a stored procedure.

To add a Custom Field to a Report, click on the “Customize” button when choosing Data Fields in the Report Designer:


This initiates the process of creating a Custom Field. As the user selects fields, it is added to the calculation. The user can choose basic arithmetic operations to apply to the field calculation. You can only use data fields within the same table to create a custom field. You cannot combine data fields from different tables.


The user also has the option to add parenthesis to the formula by clicking the “Add ( )” button. An example of this is shown below


Another option available is to add a constant value to the equation by clicking the “Add Value” button. An example of using a constant value in the calculated field can be the following to concatenate Last and First name:


Once the field design is done, enter a name for the custom field, and click on the “Save” button on the top right corner.


Once you “Save”, the custom field will be added to the list of selected fields as shown below:


The custom field is now displayed on the report as shown below:


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