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Map Report

Map reports can be used to create regional maps for any variable that is tied to a location. These reports are useful when it is necessary to understand the geographical context to any data type. For instance, for emergency services, it is important to understand where most incident occur to better deploy resources. Similarly, regional sales reports help companies understand where to deploy for marketing resources to boost sales. To create a map report, click on the “Map” button in the “Choose Report Type” section. The next step is to select the fields that will be in the report.


The fields that will populate the report can be found in the “Choose Data for Report” section. Click on the “Choose Section…” drop down to reveal the list of available tables in your database.


As with the other report types, the fields selected for the report will be summarized in the “Selected data for the Report” section as shown below. Map reports have a limit of three fields. The first field needs to be a location-based field. The two secondary fields need to be integer-based fields.


In the example below, a map report has been generated to display the total sales revenue and quantity sold globally.


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