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Line History Report

Line history reports allow users to visualize trends and changes that occur over time. Many key performance indicators can be tracked via a line history report. dotnet Report Builder allows users to create detailed line history reports with multiple variables on the y-axis. To create a line graph, click on the “Line” button in the “Choose Report Type” section. The next step is to select the fields that will be in the report.


The fields that will populate the report can be found in the “Choose Data for Report” section. Click on the “Choose Section…” drop down to reveal the list of available tables in your database.


As with the other report types, the fields selected for the report will be summarized in the “Selected data for the Report” section as shown below. For line graphs, the first field in the list of selected fields will be chosen for the x-axis of the report and all the other fields will be displayed on the y-axis. The y-axis fields need to be numeric to be displayed.


Running a Line History Report

After clicking “Save & Run Report”, the line history report will be displayed as shown below. The main information is displayed on the line graph and a summary is displayed below it with the same drill down functionality available in the Summary Report.


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