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Single Value Report

A Single Value Report allows users to create a report that returns a single value, displayed in a bigger font without any additional header that dotnet report usually adds to Reports.

The purpose of Single Value Report is to display a meaningful number to the user, something like a Customer Count or Total Sales, which users would like to see on the Dashboard as a quick summary. It is also known as a “Dashboard Widget”.

To create a single value report, the steps are very similar to Summary Report. The main difference is that the system only lets you pick a Single Column to show and all others must be hidden:

You have to use the “Do not include in Report” option on each column except for one and that value will be only one shown in the report.

And this is how a Single Value Report output looks like:

Multiple Single Value Reports can be added to a Dashboard to give a quick summary of valuable data and numbers a user would be interested in.

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