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Using Stored Procs

The Stored Procs tab on the Setup page allows you to configure any stored procedures you wish to use in your reports.

When creating your report, select the ‘Predefined’ tab when choosing data for the report. Any configured stored procedures should be available for selection from the dropdown list.

Once you choose a Predefined Report (Stored Proc) from the list, all the data fields returned by the selected Stored Proc should be displayed in the ‘Selected data for the Report’ section.

And all the Parameters for the Stored Procs that are not hidden will show up in the Filter Section:

The user can then provide a Report Name, and Save and Run the report as a regular Report.

The “Predefined” or Stored Procedure reports are not as flexible and customizable as the “Dynamic” or Ad Hoc query that users can build using dotnet Report. However it does provide a way for the Developer to setup and code a really complex report when it’s needed, and it still allows the user to do some customizations, like Formatting Columns or setup Linked Reports.

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