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Embed dotnet Report in your Production App

One of the main application of dotnet Report in an actual application is to add/embed the Ad Hoc Report Builder in your existing production application, match your site’s theme, layout and most importantly, logged in users authentication and security.

To successfully add dotnet Report in your current Enterprise Application, your development team needs to do do the following steps to tie dotnet Report to your system’s user authentication, security and claims.

  • Multitenancy, User authentication, and Row Level Data Security
    This is fully supported in dotnet Report. To apply your web application’s logged in user’s claims and security, to make sure the logged in user only sees their own data, see these knowledgebase articles for details:
  • Embedding in Application
    To embed dotnet report in your main application, it’s done by switching dotnet Report views to use the main application’s layout file. You would also need to add links to your application’s menu to dotnet Report.
  • Global Reports and Reports Access only by User or User Roles
    Once you are creating some advanced reports, make sure it all works, and then finalize your database schema, and figure out including global reports that all your users will have access to and then lock them down to admin users.
  • Final cleanup would be to make sure the schema setup is only accessible to developers or on localhost mode. Then you can basically release to beta and have some users test the solution. Make sure it works for all your requirements, and access is working well based on who is logged in. Once all is good, you can move to production.
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