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Adding Json Field

– Users can now associate JSON BLOB columns from their database tables with DotnetReports.

– Introducing a new field type, “JSON,” in the field type dropdown, allowing users to specify JSON data columns.

– Users can define the required JSON structure for extraction using the JSON data structure field (e.g., {“FirstName”:”Max”, “LastName”:””, “CustomerId”:””}).

Streamlined Data Extraction and Reporting

– All defined JSON BLOB columns will be shown separately under the “Select Data Fields” section while creating a report.

– Users have the flexibility to select one or multiple JSON columns for reporting purposes.

– Upon saving and running the report, individual JSON blob columns will be displayed in separate columns, alongside a combined view of the entire JSON structure.

– Users can choose to hide or show individual or combined versions of the data using the existing hide/show icon available against each selected table column.

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