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Creating a Dashboard

To view or start creating a Dashboard, click on the “To View the Dashboard, please click here” hyperlink as shown below.

The first time a user accesses the Dashboard, there will be no reports there.

Click on the “Create a New Dashboard” button to start building the dashboard. The Dashboard builder will open as shown below:

The Add Dashboard screen that two main sections:

  • Name and Description of Dashboard: Here, users can name the Dashboard and give a description for the Dashboard.
  • Choose Reports for the Dashboard: Here, users can click on the available folder names that contain different reports and then select the reports to be added to the dashboard. Reports from multiple different folders can be selected for one Dashboard as shown below:

After selecting the reports that for the Dashboard, click the “Save Dashboard” button to save the Dashboard. The new Dashboard will then be displayed as shown below:

Users have the ability to resize the individual reports in the dashboard as well as change the way the dashboard is organized by simply dragging and dropping the specific report windows.

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