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Version v2.2.0, Key Updates

  • Added Role based restriction to Tables and Columns in setup page
  • Fixed issue with report folders displaying according permissions of reports
  • Added “Not In” List filter option
  • “Add new Connection” feature available in setup page with option to copy schema
  • Added new API call for adding new connection

Version v2.1.7, Key Updates

  • Added the ability to add a % grouped field. The % Grouped field can be over a sum or a count.
  • In custom date fields, now you can specify the time span that you want to calculate difference in, it could be days, hours, minutes or seconds.
  • Ability to Import/Export schema for dotnet Report Configuration in the Setup Page

Version v2.1.6, Key Updates

  • Added the ability to create Scheduled Reports to automatically run reports and in real time and email the results to specified email addresses.

Version v2.1.4, Key Updates

  • Added the option for Global Filters
  • Issued fix for web.config transform

Version v2.1.0, Key Updates

  • Admin mode enhancement to allow admins and developers to create Reports and set Rights for users and create User Roles.
  • Enhanced Filtering options to allow users to create complex conditions such as AND/OR conditions and Group Filters.

Version v2.0.6, Key Updates

  • Added a new chart type: Map Charts. Allows users to create map reports
  • Added the option to Copy a Report. This allows users to copy existing reports and make changes to the copied report instead of the main report.

Version v2.0.4, Key Updates

  • First key update is the ability to create custom fields for basic calculations. This empowers the end users to create custom fields for basic calculations instead of having the developer create a stored procedure in the database.  
  • The second update addresses filtering for null or empty strings. In v2.0.4, users now can choose “is Blank” option in the filters drop down for string filters. 

Version v2.0.0, Key Updates

  • Launched the first version of the Report Dashboard available. It a new View in the Client Side.
  • Added Admin Setup Section. You can now connect to your database in your local environment using the Admin Setup management module. This allows admins to load and display all Database Tables and Views, giving the ability to select and add them to dotnet Report easily rather than manually designing them in the Online Portal.
  • This is also a new View in the Client side and is also installed with the NuGet package.
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