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Version v5.0.4, 04/16/2023, Key Updates
  • Search reports by field names
  • New customization for date field
  • Option to auto format column names
  • “No records found” message not showing
  • Stored Proc reports cannot be dragged around in Dashboard
  • Unable to setup Links to Report in stored proc
  • See all details in Release Notes
Version v5.0.3, 3/29/2023, Key Updates
  • Search for fields in the report designer
  • New ”CSV” aggregate option
  • Stored proc reports were not working on Dashboard, fixed service code.
  • Fixed XML download code, downloading files in XML format was not working.
  • Fixed issue with Int field in custom field throwing error on aggregate.
  • See all details in Release Notes
Version v5.0.2, 2/9/2023, Key Updates
  • Pivot Report – New Report type added.
  • US States Map, and other map options added instead of defaulting to Global World map.
  • Added option to “Outer Group” columns.
  • Added option to “Expand” and “Collapse” Dashboard Reports to full screen size.
  • See all details in Release Notes.
Version v5.0.1, 1/19/2023, Key Updates
  • Fixed select all columns in Setup.
  • Data Filters were not being applied correctly in Dashboards.
  • Fixed Decimal formatting by using Float instead of Decimal without precision, which was causing rounding issues.
Version v5.0.0, 11/25/2022, Key Updates
  • Upgraded codebase to .NET 6, default NuGet installation switched to .NET 6.
  • Added paging to tables/views in Setup Page, and added a new section to manage access.
  • Added new feature to search for reports across folders.
  • Added ability to edit custom fields.
  • See all details in Release Notes.
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