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Dotnet Report v5.0.2 Update: Release notes on what’s new!

What’s New In v5.0.2?

We are excited to announce the newest update to dotnet Report. This update includes several new features to help you get the most out of your reports. 

The Key New Features include

  1. Pivot Report
  2. US States Map, and others
  3. Outer Group
  4. Expand/Collapse Dashboard Reports

Pivot Report

With these updates, you will be able to create more comprehensive and detailed reports to better inform your data decisions. With the new features, you can now visualize data in new and informative ways.

The dotnet Report’s comprehensive dashboard came packed with multiple types of reports. We have now added the option of adding Pivot Tables as well.  

This new report type lets users transpose the rows to columns, and presents user with a different layout of the data. Pivot tables are a great way to make sense of complex data sets.

US States Map, and more

We now have the capability to present US States in the Map chart. This means that if you are operating within the USA and are looking to plot your reports on the map be it by region, city, or state for any of your input values, you can easily do so with the updated version.

Prior to the update, choosing the Map type report only provided the global world map. With the update, the user can choose various “Map Display” options, instead of just defaulting to the global world map.

You also have the ability to switch to other countries instead of the US, or add additional countries to the dropdown list. However, in order to do so, a developer will have to add or switch to the other countries’ or regions’ maps in JavaScript. 

For example, if a company operates only in Canada, and wants to see regions in Canada only, they can do so by having a developer add the map of Canada in the backend. 

Outer Group

An Outer Group Feature is a reporting feature is a new way to allows users to group data while they are creating a report. 

This feature allows users to organize data into different groupings and sub-groupings to easily explore data. 

Expand/Collapse Dashboard Reports

Dotnet Report dashboard now has the “expand” icon next to each report, so you expand the report to layout over the entire screen to have a better view. You can collapse it back when done. You can do this with any report on the dashboard.

Overall, the new features give the robust dotnet reports software added benefits on top of being extremely well-priced.

Pivot tables are a powerful tool that can be used in reporting software like to quickly and easily analyze and visualize data. This can help users gain valuable insights and make more informed decisions, as well as create more meaningful reports for stakeholders.

The US State map makes it convenient to visualize data and target the regions that you want with ease and accuracy, and gives you more visualization options.

The outer group feature further refines the data sorting processes offered within the feature-rich dotnet report dashboard.

All in all, dotnet Report is now better than ever before. What’s more, you can book a live demo now or start a free trial to take your reporting to the next level.

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