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Dotnet Report v5.0.4 Update: Release notes on what’s new!

    What’s New In v5.0.4?

    We are excited to announce the newest update to dotnet report. This update includes new features to help you get the most out of your reports and data analytics. 

    The Key New Features include

    1.      Search reports by field names

    2.      New customization for date field

    3.    Option to auto format column names

    Search reports by field names

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our new report search feature. With this feature, users will now be able to search for reports based on column names.

    When searching for a report, users can enter the name, description, or data field of the report. If the search query matches a column name, a dropdown of columns (reports>Column) will appear.


    Selecting one of these columns will filter the results to show only the reports containing the specified column name.

    New customization for date field

    We introduced a small, but useful option in the custom field, which is the option to “Add Value” to a Date field. This new option allows users to customize date columns in reports by adding or subtracting days, hours, minutes and seconds from the recorded date. 

    This can be done by selecting any date column, clicking on “Add Value” and entering the value to be added or subtracted. This feature is available on all reports created using dotnet manage reports. 


    Please note that if you don’t add a numeric value, the date operation will calculate time difference between 2 date fields as before.

    Option to auto format column names

    We have also launched the autoformat feature in dotnet report. This option allows users to automatically format their column names for better readability and understanding. 

    With this new feature, users can quickly update their column names by clicking the autoformat button. No more manual formatting required.


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