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Dotnet Report v5.3.1 Update: Release notes on what’s new!

What’s New In v5.3.1?

Introducing the latest update to Dotnet Report, specially designed to enhance your user experience! We are thrilled to unveil a range of new features that prioritize ease of use and ensure you can make the most of your reports and data analytics effortlessly.

The Key New Features include

  1. Setup Page Load Optimization
  2. Improved CSS for Enhanced User Experience
  3. Date Formatting Options

Dotnet Report Setup Page Load Optimization

We are excited to announce a significant enhancement to our platform, designed to streamline your experience and boost efficiency. Here are the details of the latest update:

Current Functionality: Every time a user navigates to the setup page in Dotnet Report, the system loads all tables and views from the database, and the page load is time-consuming. 

Most of the time after the initial setup, the user usually only needs to make changes to their selected tables configuration, or to add joins. However, each time the page refreshes, all tables(selected/unselected) are fetched from the database again, resulting in additional time spent in loading the page unnecessarily.

Feature Enhancement:

  • When the setup page loads, now it only loads previously selected tables by default, and this improves the page load time significantly, as every time the page is refreshed, the system does not load tables and views from the database.
  • The user now has a separate button to load all Tables and Views from the database, so they can still have the same functionality. However, now they can explicitly load all from the database only when needed. 
  • This enhancement aims to provide a seamless user experience by reducing loading times and improving accessibility.

How It Works:

  • During the initial setup page load, only the preselected tables will load instantly, ensuring a smoother workflow.
  • Users also retain the flexibility to load all tables when needed, to add more tables or update schema for existing tables in Dotnet Report.


  • Improved Efficiency: Preselected tables load much faster, saving time as users do not have to wait for the page to load unnecessarily.

Improved CSS for Enhanced User Experience

In this release, we have also focused on enhancing the user experience by refining the style across various sections and pages of Dotnet Report. These improvements are aimed at providing a more visually appealing and user-friendly interface.


  • Border Shades: We have optimized border shades throughout the application, ensuring a consistent and polished look across different components and sections.
  • Report View Styling: The styling of report views has been enhanced to improve readability and visual clarity, making it easier for users to navigate and interpret data.
  • Page Loader: Design of page loader is also improved


  • Users will benefit from a more aesthetically pleasing and intuitive interface.
  • Improved CSS enhances overall usability and readability, leading to a better user experience.
Old StyleNew Style

Date Formatting Options

In this release, we have introduced an enhanced functionality to provide users with more flexibility when setting date formats for additional fields in reports. Previously, when selecting “Pick Date Format” as the date type, users were unable to choose a specific date format. With this enhancement, users now have the ability to select predefined date formats such as French, German, Spanish, and more. Additionally, users can also specify a custom date format if needed.


  • Date Type Selection: Users can now set the date type for additional fields in reports, enabling them to specify how dates are displayed.
  • Predefined Date Formats: Users have the option to choose from a variety of predefined date formats, including formats tailored to different regions and languages.
  • Custom Date Format: For greater customization, users can define a custom date format according to their specific requirements.


  • Improved Usability: Users can now easily configure date formats for additional fields, enhancing the usability of the system.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: The introduction of predefined and custom date formats provides users with greater flexibility and control over date display options.

Bug Fixes

Besides feature enhancements, we have also resolved the following bugs/issues:

  • Fixed sorting drill down reports, it was broken and was throwing an exception. 
  • Fixed Custom Field calculation options, numeric options did not / and * as expected.
  • Drilldown (Expanded) Excel export speed improved, it makes only one API call now.

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