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Dotnet Report v5.4.0 Update: Release notes on what’s new!

What’s New In v5.4.0?

We’re excited to introduce the newest update for Dotnet Report, tailored to elevate your user experience! With a host of fresh features, our aim is to simplify your report and data analytics experience, making it more intuitive and efficient than ever before.

The Key New Features include

  1. Interactive Report Styling
  2. Enhanced Bar Chart Options (Stacked & Horizontal Option)
  3. Introducing Pivot Functionality (Column Aggregation)

Interactive Report Styling

Introducing a new feature in Dotnet Report: now you can effortlessly style your report results with various interactive designs and colors, enhancing the visual appeal for your results.

Here’s how to apply it:

  1. While running your report, navigate to the “Other Settings” section. Here, you’ll find options to change the color and style of your report. Choose from different styling formats available to customize your report to your liking.
  1. Alternatively, after running your report, simply click on the brush icon. A dropdown menu will appear, presenting you with a selection of different designs and colors. Pick your desired option from the dropdown to apply the changes and make your results more engaging.

Note: Changing the design and color option will also update the chart color (if applicable) in the report.

Enhanced Bar Chart Options (Stacked & Horizontal Option)

In this release, We have enhanced our bar chart feature of Dotnet Report! These updates are designed to make your graphs more interactive and visually appealing. Here’s what’s new:

We have introduced following New Graph Types:

  1. Horizontal Bar Chart: Now, you have the option to display your results in a horizontal format. This makes it easier to read and interpret large datasets, providing a more user-friendly experience.
  2. Stacked Bar Chart: With this option selected, the results will be displayed in stacked bars on the bar chart. This allows for a clear comparison between different data sets within a single bar.
  3. Combined Functionality: If you choose both the horizontal and stacked bar options, the results will be shown horizontally with each set of data stacked on top of each other within a single bar. This combination provides flexibility and versatility in presenting your data.
Default Vertical BarHorizontal + Stacked Bar Graph


  • Users will benefit from a more aesthetically pleasing and intuitive interface.
  • Improved CSS enhances overall usability and readability, leading to a better user experience.
Old StyleNew Style

Introducing Pivot Functionality (Column Aggregation)

In this release, we have introduced our latest feature, “Pivot”, designed to enhance the clarity and usability of your reports. With Pivot, you can now effortlessly group single column values into multiple columns, streamlining your data presentation for improved readability and analysis.

For example, displaying quantities of orders per month for different products resulted in multiple rows for each month, making the data representation not as intuitive.

Sr #Order DateQuantityProduct
1.August56Product A
2.August67Product B
3.September89Product A
4.September103Product B

The Pivot functionality resolves this issue by consolidating the data into a single row, and allowing you to Pivot the Product to columns instead of rows. Now for each month, the system displays the quantities of each product as separate columns.

Sr #Order DateQuantityProduct AProduct B

How to Use:

Simply navigate to the “Selected Data for Report” section and locate the dropdown menu next to the report column you wish to display. Selecting the new “Pivot” option from this dropdown will automatically arrange the column values into distinct columns in your report, providing a clearer overview of your data.

With Pivot, analyzing your data and creating insightful reports has never been easier. Upgrade now and experience the power of streamlined data visualization with our latest feature!

Before PivotAfter Pivot

To see how Pivot works in action, watch our tutorial video: Link to YouTube video

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