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Dotnet Report v5.4.3 Update: Release notes on what’s new!

What’s New In v5.4.3?
Introducing the latest update for Dotnet Report, v5.4.3 introduces several new features and improvements aimed at enhancing user experience and functionality. This release focuses on expanding export capabilities, enhancing scheduling flexibility, improving dashboard performance, and addressing backend issues.

The Key New Features include

  1. Export to Word and Charts
  2. Scheduling Reports with Timezone Selection
  3. Sharing Scheduled Reports: Enhanced Link Option
  4. Improvement in Dashboard Loading Speed:

Export to Word and Charts!

We’re excited to announce significant improvements to your reporting experience! In addition to the existing export options for:

  • PDF
  • Excel
  • Excel (Expanded)
  • CSV
  • XML

We’ve introduced a brand new Export to Word feature. This allows you to generate reports in a user-friendly Word document format, perfect for further editing and customization.

We’ve also addressed a key user request: the ability to export charts alongside your reports. Now, when you choose to export to Word or Excel, you can include all relevant charts and their data, providing a comprehensive and visually informative document.

This update streamlines your workflow and empowers you to:

  • Generate reports in Word format: Gain the flexibility of editing and formatting your reports within a familiar Word document environment.
  • Visualize data with charts: Include charts and their corresponding data directly within your exported reports, enhancing clarity and comprehension.
Charts in ExcelCharts in Word

Scheduling Reports with Timezone Selection

Report Builder now offers a new scheduling option: specifying the desired timezone for report delivery. This eliminates potential confusion caused by time zone differences when reports are delivered to users in various locations.

Default Behavior:

  • Selection of timezone is optional, If no timezone is selected during scheduling, the report will be delivered based on the server timezone of the Report Builder server.

User Control:

  • Dropdown to specify timezone: Users can now choose the preferred timezone for scheduled report deliveries. This ensures reports arrive at the intended recipient’s local time, improving accessibility and clarity.


  • Mitigates timezone-related issues for users in different locations.
  • Enhances flexibility and user experience for report scheduling.
  • Guarantees reports are delivered according to local time preferences.

Previously, you could share scheduled reports via email in various formats like Excel, CSV, PDF, and Word. Now, dotnet Report introduces a new and convenient way to share reports: Links.

How it Works:

  1. Schedule a Report: As usual, schedule your report for generation.
  2. Share via Link: During scheduling, choose the new “Link” option for sharing. This generates a unique link for your report.
  3. Recipient Receives Email: The recipient receives an email containing the report link.
  4. Access and Execution: Clicking the link in the email takes the recipient to dotnet Report. However, it works as follows:

Login for Automatic Execution (Optional):

  • If the recipient already has a dotnet Report account and is logged in, the report will automatically execute upon clicking the link.
  • If the recipient doesn’t have an account or isn’t currently logged in, they’ll need to log in to access the report. Once logged in, the report will execute automatically.

Benefits of Link Sharing:

  • Convenience: Recipients can access the report directly from the email link, eliminating the need to download attachments.
  • Real-Time Data: Recipients always view the latest report data, as the report is generated upon access.
  • Security: Only authorized users (logged in with dotnet Report credentials) can access the report.

Improvement in Dashboard Loading Speed:

Comprehensive backend optimizations have been implemented to accelerate dashboard loading times. These improvements focus on reducing latency in loading widgets and enhancing overall responsiveness of the dashboard interface.

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