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Embedded Analytics and reporting gets easier for C# developers using dotnet report builder

    Embedded Reporting
    Embedded Reporting

    Embedded analytics means that reporting solutions such as charts and dashboards are embedded directly into the existing business application that is up and managing the company’s data already. The embedded analytics and reporting has many benefits over standalone separate reporting solution as it is directly integrated into the already setup database system. This provides compatibility of data and easier access for the reporting software.

    Many times the main work force in a business setup is not very tech savvy and introducing another new technical solution for data reporting and analytics could mean their coming out of their comfort zone to familiarize themselves with yet another software application. In this scenario, interactive embedded analytics and reporting tools can solve the problem as they are completely run within the host application and may not require any complex training and familiarization process for the data analysts.

    Embedded analytics can also mean faster access to data and more control on reports as the data is being accessed from within the same business application umbrella. This way, staff can cut down on waiting time and make smarter choices to avoid toggling between multiple applications when urgency and pressure of meeting deadlines is hovering on their heads. This reduced time can well be utilized in analysis and deriving meaningful information from the generated reports and can result in increase of productivity of overall business workforce. The importance of using data analytics to further your business is discussed in detail here.

    Benefits of Embedded Analytics using dotnet report builder

    Dotnet report builder is an example of embedded analytics and reporting solution that provides a list of power packed features for performing business analytics in an embedded environment. It is integrated impeccably into the existing business workflow and can be operated from within the company’s CRM software providing the data analysts with the same look and feel as their actual application.

    Easy deployment

    Dotnet report builder is a cloud based application with reporting and dashboard facilities that can be easily incorporated and deployed both as an integrated software application or as a standalone software. Its embedded analytics quality can make it easier for users to create beautiful visualizations and perform data analysis through their own existing workflow environment.

    Ease of integration

    The best part of working with this mvc report builder is its ease of integration and option to work in an embedded analytic environment. Data analysts can access and create reports and dashboards with ease due to the ad hoc design environment and present their data into meaningful reports to help them work productively in their existing business workflow.

    Variety of layout and report formats

    Dotnet report builder offers a variety of report formats and layouts that can help data analysts choose the most suitable visual layout for their data analysis. These different layouts can be used to target specific data sets and a range of filters can be applied using the drag and drop interface to filter out meaningful information that would help management to take important decisions regarding their products and move their business in the right direction.

    Improving user experience

    The embedded analytic feature of dotnet report builder allows personalized experience for each user within their rights and access controls. Each user can customize the data reports and dashboards according to their preference and needs. This would help them to eliminate unnecessary data that may crowd the report and distract attention from important pieces of information. This can create a more productive environment and improve user experience for each individual while working from within a team.

    Cost Effective and more productive

    Think of a scenario where a business has to create reports from scratch every time they require a new data report or make these changes manually. This would cost them a fortune and would reduce productivity of the business workforce. The best solution is to use an embedded analytic solution like dotnet report to design customized reports and generate data visualizations according to their needs in real time. This would require minimum training of the data analysts and be more cost effective and productive in the long run.

    To avail the benefits of embedded analytics and experience the great features of dotnet report builder click here to see a demo.  

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