The success of any reporting software is the measure of its appeal to data analysts. The major factor to acquire this end lies in the power packed features that any reporting software or business intelligence tool offers its end users. Data analysts make use of these features and turn raw business data into actionable insights and gives a peek into the performance of the business. They can not only estimate the current worth of their products in the market, but can also make informed decisions to increase their product sales or change their marketing strategies to boost sales in a specific niche.

To perform such complex analytical study of data, business analysts take their time choosing an ad hoc reporting solution for their business. They usually compare many off the shelf business intelligence softwares and weigh the pros and cons of their features before making any decision. This evaluation process may be different for different level organisations. For bigger enterprise level business, the evaluation criteria would be different than smaller ventures. In any case, data analyst would carefully identify the needs of the business and then select the ideal embedded reporting software.

Dotnet report builder can make this choice easier for data analysts by providing a completely embedded reporting software solution that can help data analysts design customized on the go reports to meet their business reporting needs. Its simple interface is easy to understand and gives a chance to even non-technical business analysts team to work with data and create and run a variety of data reports. This way, the business analysts can only focus on the dynamics of data and how to refine data for further analysis and not be bothered by the process of generating the desired reports, which is very efficiently taken care by the dotnet report builder software.

Here is a list of specific features that are very useful for data analysts to perform detailed analysis of data and compare them across multiple years and monitor the progress of the company over the years. Based on these data analytics, management can then take short term and long term decisions to facilitate business growth over time.

Features of dotnet report builder


.net report builder lets user create beautiful visualizations with the data set that can both be appealing to the eye and give meaningful insight about the business function and other key performance indicators. These visualizations help the data analysts to crunch data numbers and provide visuals that contribute to greater understanding of the patterns and trends the business is following in the market.

Report layouts

This mvc report builder provides a variety of layout for data presentation and visualisation that can help users to manipulate data according to their needs. This variety of report layouts gives data analysts added choice to view data in different format suitable to their requirements. The available report layouts include list, bar graph, pie chart, line graph and map options. The business analysts can choose different layouts for different reports that may target specific data sets.

Report scheduling and filter options

Another feature of this asp net reporting solution is that data analysts can easily schedule reports to run automatically during the day. Sometimes, users may require some time critical reports to run at specific time and capture the data screenshot of that specific time. This can be a nuisance if done manually at specific times every day and is prone to data loss if forgotten, such a situation can easily be avoided by scheduling reports.

Another useful feature is the filter options that would target specific data set by setting up filters on column values. Dotnet report builder offers a range of filters that may be set for any report to get desired dataset.


Dotnet report builder offers data analysts the option to create multiple customized dashboards that can run simultaneous reports on a single screen for comparison and monitoring purposes. Sometimes, the data is time critical and changing rapidly. In this case the data analysts need to monitor the change and keep all such kinds of reports on their screen. It also helps in comparing data that might be coming from different data sources and can help data analysts to reach important decisions based on these comparisons.

In all these scenarios, data dashboards are very important to keep an eye on multiple reports. There are options to add and remove reports, change their position on the screen and move them around with ease. This is a good way to keep data analysts fully informed of the business’s exact status at all times and values of time critical data can be monitored efficiently.


These are only some of the features that come with this reporting solution and can help data analysts get the most in terms of productivity and meaningful information to take any business on the road to success. Some useful tips for good data analytics can be found here to make the experience for data analysts using dotnet report builder even better and get them started with ease.

So, wait no more and dive right into the world of mvc reporting solution and experience the great features of dotnet report builder to change the way users create and manage reports.

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