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How to Create Linked Reports in dotnet Report

    dotnet Report allows users to setup a link to another Report or to a general website or url so you users can drill down in to another report or link once they generate a Report by dotnet Report builder.

    To setup a link for a column, use the Link icon to bring the Report Link settings:

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    The field can link to either another Report or to a Website URL:

    Linking to another Report

    If you choose to link to another report, the system will ask you to choose the report to link to from the list. You can also send the value in the report as a filter to any field on the linked Report.

    So for example, lets say your report has a column for Employee name, and you want to link it to another report that has Employee details, but filtered by the Employee in the current row. This is how your setup will look like:

    Link the “Employee” field to “List of Employees” report, and pass it as a filter as well

    Once you “Save Changes”, the icon will turn green to indicate that the link is setup. Once you run the report, the Employee field will show link in each row:

    Employee column shows links and passes the value as filter to the next report

    When you click on the link in the each row, the Employees name in that row will also be passed as a filter to the report. So if you click on “Michael” in the above example, you will be taken to the next Report with “Michael” applied as the filter for the “List of Employees” Report:

    Linking to a URL

    You can also choose to link the Field to a different website or URL and optionally pass the value of the row as a query parameter to the target site.

    So this a pretty useful feature if a developer wants the report to link to a custom website or a custom feature on your application/website that is not part of dotnet Report, and want to customize the destination site based on which row the user clicked.

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