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7 Best KPI Dashboard Software & Tools

    KPI dashboard software assists enterprises with visualizing large amounts of data via interactive charts and graphs. Currently, data-strategic ways are being employed by many companies for their daily business operations. This helps in increasing productivity and reducing operational costs.

    KPI dashboard software has become an irreplaceable handy tool for any business manager. The KPI database can collect, group, and visualize a company’s metrics and provides a holistic view of the growth and company’s performance.

    While incorporating a KPI dashboard software, businesses can make informed decisions and predict their success in real-time. This allows them to meet their long-term goals effectively.

    There are several KPI dashboard software solutions, from basic metric tracking to advanced business intelligence tools in the market. 

    Let’s explore the top five from simple metric-tracking tools to advanced business intelligence solutions.

    What is a KPI Dashboard?

    kpi dashboard

    KPI, also known as the Key Performance Indicator dashboard, assists the business manager in representing metrics graphically along with their actual performance and measures. This representation allows monitoring performance, assisting many departments, managers, and companies in tracking and achieving certain goals.

    These digital charts and graphs shed light on the organization. It allows them to me insightful decisions. KPI dashboard keeps strict track of individuals, organizations monitoring, and accurate analysis.

    It functions as:

    • The operational KPI dashboard is mainly responsible for core departments and business operations, including marketing, daily management decisions, product development, internal projects, etc.
    • The strategic KPI is a tracker of the performance of objectives and business growth.
    • Individual KPIs help in measuring the employee’s performance.

    How does it work?

    kpi reporting tools

    Business information is gathered by KPI software from a range of sources, including financial reports, CRM systems, surveys, and web analytics tools.

    Following analysis, this data is shown in reports and dashboards. Businesses can use these dashboards to track their KPIs over time and pinpoint areas that need development.

    Typical software features include drag-and-drop dashboard builders, tools for data visualization, and real-time notifications.

    Some KPI solutions also have predictive analytics capabilities that assist businesses in projecting success going forward.

    Organizations can select from multiple KPI dashboard tools available on the market.

    These tools collect useful information in real-time and translate it into valuable dashboards, simplifying reporting and allowing to attain meaningful information from just one tool.

    These solutions enable employees to access the information they require from a single tool and simplify reporting by gathering all that data in real-time and transforming it into dashboards.

    Common features

    The most common features of a dashboard are discussed below:

    1) Customizable dashboards

    Most businesses use a KPI dashboard to predict and measure their success. However, this software has a dashboard builder that allows companies to create their customized dashboard. Many firms incorporate KPI dashboards to predict how far their business will grow. Many business executives use KPI dashboard software to measure their success.

    These customizable dashboards can be molded according to the firm’s requirements. Some tools include pre-built dashboards that organizations can use initially.

    2) Data integration

    KPI platforms let companies gather data from many sources, including financial reports, CRM programs, surveys, and web analytics tools.

    Dashboards and reports are then used to present this data.

    An API is typically included in data integration features so businesses can link the software to other business platforms. Ensuring all of your data is gathered in one place, making it possible for enterprises to see a full picture of their performance.

    Organizations can store their data in a data warehouse provided by several KPI solutions. This makes it simple to compile reports and helps them keep all their data in one location.

    3) Reporting

    Standard reporting capabilities often include a variety of report templates that businesses may use to track KPIs regardless of the analytics solution they are employing.

    These reports can be altered to meet businesses’ unique facts and information.

    Additionally, many KPI dashboard software packages let you schedule reports to be created and sent by email regularly to certain people.

    This is a great way to guarantee that everyone in the organization is aware of the most significant KPIs.

    Any KPI dashboard software must include reporting capabilities to track success over time and pinpoint areas that require development.

    4) Data visualization

    Businesses may present their complex data in a variety of ways, including graphs, charts, and maps, thanks to data visualization tools. As a result, it is simple to spot trends and patterns in their data.

    Organizations can use a variety of pre-built dashboard templates that some KPI solutions offer to get their data visualization projects off the ground. The templates can be altered to meet the unique requirements of the company.

    The KPI reporting tools allow businesses to monitor a variety of measures, including website traffic, sales numbers, customer satisfaction scores, and employee productivity. 

    5) Web accessibility

    With cloud-based technologies, users can access their dashboards from any location. This is a fantastic tool for businesses that employ remote or dispersed workers.

    Additionally, many KPI systems have mobile apps so that customers may access their dashboards on the go. This is easy for professionals who are always on the road to remain on top of their KPIs.

    KPI tools must include web-based and mobile access. The top platforms should provide both.

    6) Automatic alerts

    Automatic alerts are essential for maintaining business security.

    The finest software will let you define each measure’s threshold and send you a notification when they are crossed. In this manner, you can make necessary adjustments before it’s too late.

    To enable you to act immediately, the notifications can be sent to your email, mobile device, or chat client.

    These are crucial for time-sensitive KPIs like website uptime or support ticket response times.

    7) Trendspotting

    This capability is crucial for businesses who wish to keep ahead of other rivals in the market. Organizations may keep track of changes in different trends and modify their plans through trend spotting.

    Making the most of chances and avoiding costly blunders are both possible with this.

    How to design a KPI dashboard? 

    Managers and decision-makers are constantly overloaded with information in a dynamic corporate environment. An incredibly helpful tool is a key performance indicator dashboard that collects all the mission-critical data in one location. Users should be able to identify their location and next steps at a glance. The following five suggestions will help you create a dashboard that fulfills that promise:

    • Limit your dashboard to one page or screen. The entire purpose of a KPI dashboard is to provide you with a brief and clear overview of the company and any potential warning signs.
    • Include the KPIs essential to reaching your operational and strategic goals.
    • Pick a suitable and easy-to-use method for displaying the dashboard. For instance, if you use software, ensure it is accessible to everyone who needs the dashboard.
    • Make the dashboard simple to view, use, and comprehend. Avoid cramming as much information as possible onto a single page, and arrange the content logically and tastefully.

    Buyers should take into account the following factors

    Consider the following factors when deciding whether to invest in KPI software and which platform will best meet your needs:

    • Is KPI dashboard software all you need? KPI software only offers a fraction of the functionality found in larger business intelligence platforms. If you want to use more information and gain greater insights into your organization’s performance, you should consider more robust suites with data mining and predictive analytics capabilities.
    • In what way does mobile BI fit in? Despite their advantages (more data storage and customization), many buyers prefer cloud-based systems and dedicated apps to view KPI dashboards on their mobile devices. Your vendor’s ability to provide mobile business intelligence capabilities could make a big difference to your decision if you have a remote workforce.
    • The IT team may be able to use complex KPI tools, but what about your sales team? It may be necessary to prioritize user-friendliness when selecting a KPI vendor depending on who will be using the software and their technical literacy.

    Top 6 KPI Dashboard Software

    kpi dashboard

    1. DotNetReport

    With our Ad Hoc Report Builder, you can easily create Reports for your end users using many built-in features. Our solution is built to work with your existing application, which means you already have your User Login mechanism built, whether it’s cookies or OWIN or anything else. 

    Dotnet Report can automatically filter out data they shouldn’t be able to see in reports if you just plug in the current logged in User’s Roles or Client data access. Many businesses, software developers, consultants, and SaaS providers rely on us for assistance in their projects and fields. 

    Using our powerful reporting engine, we aim to deliver meaningful and insightful results both internally and externally.

    Using any of the modern browsers, users can create ad hoc reports using the intuitive ad hoc report builder. 

    This application is built on Microsoft .NET tech stack, and the Reporting Tool front end is available in MVC, .NET Core, and Web Forms. The front end can also be used in AngularIO.

    Dotnet Report can be easily configured as a stand-alone portal for your users to access and build their own reports and dashboards. It can be used only for internal users or for external users, hosted on-prem or in the cloud.

    2. Microsoft Dynamics 365

    The finest KPI dashboard software, Microsoft Dynamics, is a CRM and ERP system that dominates the industry by providing a wide range of features. The consumer insights possibilities available with this dashboard technology, which offers both on-premises and cloud solutions, are well known in the industry. 

    Because it is connected with other Microsoft programs, it makes it effortless to connect to Office 365, LinkedIn, and Azure. The architecture of this dashboard tool is straightforward, and it can be used without any programming experience. A visual representation of the entire customer relationship funnel is an excellent idea.

    3. Zoho

    The Zoho KPI dashboard makes data analysis and visualization simpler and faster. Users may build clever KPI dashboards for better data analysis and collaboration to track key performance indicators, empowering organizations.

    With the tool’s drag-and-drop capabilities, complex business dashboards may be made. KPI widgets, pivot tables, charts, and tabular views can all be used to create intuitive business dashboards that make tracking KPI simple.

    Users can delve further with simple formulas that enable statistical and mathematical extensions. Additionally, accessing it on laptops, PCs, mobile devices, and tablets is simpler.

    4. Databox

    Databox has established its name in the market as the business dashboard for tracking data. It is frequently utilized for all the many methods to comprehend how well organizations work. The KPI dashboards that function on other devices can be used as tools to report and monitor performance.

    The dashboard integrates more than 70 well-known tools, creates thousands of pre-built metric visualizations, and creates more than 200 report templates. There is no need for coding, design, or manipulation to represent or visualize data.

    5. Scoro

    The Scoro is an all-in-one business management tool that streamlines your operations and provides performance data on your team.

    You can quickly track KPIs in one location with Scoro and observe how your team members are doing about your objectives. Scoro is a great option for any enterprise for its intuitive simplicity.

    6. SimpleKPI

    The efficient KPI software application SimpleKPI provides enterprises with intelligent dashboards to track their KPIs in real-time. Because the software is web-based, anyone can use it at any time.

    The program is incredibly simple to use and intuitive. It provides a drag-and-drop interface that makes building personalized dashboards straightforward. Additionally, the software offers a large selection of pre-built templates that may be used to create dashboards quickly.

    7. Tableau – Overall Best KPI Tracking Software

    Moving on with the best kpi reporting tools recommendations, we’ve got Tableau on the list.

    Tableau is a leading data visualization and business intelligence (BI) tool that provides robust reporting and tracking capabilities. 

    It offers a wide range of data connectors, visualizations, and interactive dashboards to create dynamic KPI reports.

    Power BI – Best Suited As a Business Dashboard Software

    Up next on our best kpi reporting tools list, we’ve got Power BI is a Microsoft product that offers powerful reporting and analytics capabilities. 

    This business dashboard software allows users to create visually appealing and interactive KPI reports using a wide range of data sources and visualizations.

    Google Data Studio – Best Overall KPI Dashboard Software

    Google Data Studio is one of the best kpi reporting tools available right now.

    This kpi tracking software is a free data visualization and reporting tool offered by Google. 

    The platform allows users to create customizable and interactive KPI reports using data from various sources, such as Google Analytics, Google Sheets, and more.

    8. Domo: 

    Although a name slightly unheard of, Domo is one of the most robust kpi reporting tools in the market.

    This kpi tracking software is a cloud-based BI and analytics platform that offers robust KPI reporting and tracking capabilities. 

    It provides real-time data integration, visualization, and collaboration features to create comprehensive KPI reports.

    9. Klipfolio: 

    As one of the best kpi dashboard software, Klipfolio is known as a cloud-based KPI dashboard and reporting tool that offers a wide range of visualizations and data connectors. 

    This business dashboard software allows users to create customizable dashboards with real-time data, and offers features such as data alerts and sharing options.

    10. QlikView: 

    QlikView is a BI/ kpi tracking software, with emphasis on data discovery tools to provides powerful reporting and visualization capabilities. 

    As one of the best kpi dashboard software, It offers features such as associative data indexing, self-service analytics, and interactive dashboards for creating KPI reports.

    11. Sisense – Overall Best Kpi Dashboard Software

    As one of the best Kpi dashboard software, Sisense is a comprehensive BI and analytics platform that offers robust reporting and tracking capabilities

    In addition to that, this business dashboard software provides features such as data blending, embedded analytics, and machine learning capabilities for creating advanced KPI reports.

    12. Looker: 

    Looker is a data platform that offers data visualization and reporting capabilities. It provides a wide range of visualizations, data exploration features, and collaboration options for creating interactive KPI report.


    Key performance indicator dashboards help you monitor your daily performance. Make them your primary BI tool with Ad Hoc Report Builder. 

    Reporting and Analytics solutions that are fast, simple, and secure are provided by a team of software developers. 

    Upon completing the demo period, you can reach out to obtain a pricing quote according to your requirements.

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