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Near Miss Reporting: Why is it Important?

Constantly surrounded by hazards and risks, human beings have concluded that prevention is better than cure. Survival revolves around risk anticipation and preventive measures. Similar to our practical life situations, businesses dodge threats daily. Whether you credit sheer luck or intentional efforts, near miss reporting reflects potential risky and unanticipated events that did not result in damages or losses.

Today, many successful businesses incorporate near-miss reporting into their systems to prevent human injury and loss. Why do organizations need to integrate near-miss reporting into their existing systems? Let us dive into the details.

All About Near Miss Reporting

What is Near Miss Reporting? 

Employees tend to underestimate potential hazards when not subjected to them directly. Near miss is a common phenomenon that reports potential risks and threats in the surrounding environment that could lead to bodily injury or financial damages. It is crucial to remember that events that did not harm you might impact the next person’s life. In such situations, the point of reporting is to prevent the injury before it occurs. In this way, businesses can save themselves from massive future risks.

In unfortunate circumstances, people often label a procedure as safe, only because they remain unaffected by it. What often goes unnoticed is that the next employee entering the organization might get injured or the next business operation may lead to losses. In such scenarios, near misses come into play. They report a potentially risky event before it takes place to avoid to dodge future hazards. It is a much more ideal approach as learning from your co-workers is an add-on. Join DotNet Report and transition to high-quality reports today. Nothing can stop you from creating your customized reports and dashboards through our platform. According to HSE, every injury has ninety-nine misses that take place before the actual event.

The Current Scenario

Although people have become risk-averse with time, many businesses rely on their gut feeling to make business decisions. Such decisions usually result in high-grade losses and privacy concerns. Preventing an unforeseen injury or damage is crucial to business success, thus preventive reporting saves businesses from running into the same mistakes repeatedly. When you dodge a risk lingering in the environment, remember that the threat was extremely close to you and diminished successfully. 

Reporting tools facilitate organizations to generate real-miss reports to effectively signal the existent threats. Businesses can take this as a wake-up call to gauge their performance and prevent future injuries. Mainly utilized as an indicator in multiple organizations, preventive reporting is gaining popularity every day. By scrutinizing business operations and rectifying everyday tasks, this form of reporting is famous amongst businesses. As no organization wants to undergo risks that could have been easily avoided, most of them are beginning to integrate near-miss reporting into their existing systems. DotNet is one such platform that initiated its operations a few years ago but is a part of many big names such as Emergency Solutions, Mobilitie, Jamie King, and Curtis Shell.

A Choice or Necessity?

Business owners might find themselves puzzled about the pool of options available in the market. They are reluctant to spend capital on reporting tools that do not generate the relevant outputs. Fortunately, we are here with a list that highlights why it is a necessity in today’s world and not a choice. 

  1. Prevents Accidents

Is there anything better than surviving a potential injury without a scratch? With the advent of reporting tools, businesses can avoid injuries and losses before they take place. It is a preventive measure that not only saves organizations from financial losses but also reduces the reliance on human resources. Automation is a key feature of such reporting tools, therefore, all your activities remain synchronized. With the right amount of synchronization within various departments, a business can prevent future damages. 

Penetrating the cut-throat competition of the red ocean is quite tough especially when you do not have relevant insights. These reporting tools provide a sneak peek into the future by leveraging current situations. By highlighting hazards in the system, these reports alarm businesses to take preventive measures before it causes damage to their operations. Integrated DotNet Report offers top-notch features to its clients through which they can schedule and generate insightful reports and charts to visualize the current business scenario. 

We identify potential threats so that you can take your next step accordingly. Every organization requires reports in differentiated formats, hence we offer an open-source front-end code through which users can make customizations to the dashboards and reports. This creates an alignment between the reports and your brand image as you identify and avoid threats.

  1. Promotes Time-Efficiency

With the right identification of threats and risks comes effective rectification strategies. It is crucial to recognize near misses to save your time and financial resources. By identifying gaps and failures of the existing system, near misses alarm organizations about the lingering threats. As businesses identify where the control measures failed, they implement corrective strategies to prevent them from turning into recurring activities. Without near-miss alerts, businesses are unable to reach the root cause of an error and waste financial resources and time on repeating the same activities. Make your business processes time-efficient by embedding DotNet Report into your existing systems today.

  1. Encourages Workers’ Safety and Security

Organizations that prioritize employees’ safety above all tend to give rise to healthy work culture and employee retention. The labor force that works under hazardous conditions such as construction sites and mines is always under potential threats. Near misses prevent such threats from harming the employee.

Whenever businesses receive alerts of a near-miss condition, they deploy their resources to prevent and mitigate the occurrence. Such reporting boosts the employees’ morale and they can focus their efforts on organizational goals and productivity, without compromising their safety. Safety management software works under the organization’s safety checklist to ensure proper safety. 

Organizations tackle every alarm and hazard alert carefully. Another factor to look out for is giving employees the confidence to report such events, as many employees might not want to overburden the employers. It is the employers’ responsibility to facilitate the implementation of near-miss reporting in the organization. Embed DotNet Report into your safety management software and enable every employee to create easy-to-visualize near-miss reports to implement safety measures and protocols throughout the organization.

  1. Identifies Patterns

Concerned about the upcoming risks and threats surrounding your organization? Pattern recognition of near-miss events is crucial to prevent them. Thousands of warnings precede a hazardous event, it is your job to identify them at the earliest. 

Organizations operate in constantly evolving environments, so one wrong step might cause fatal events. Under such circumstances, near-miss events reports generate insightful visualizations to highlight the patterns that lead to such events.

 Organizations can view their reports on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis and plan their operational strategies accordingly. We recommend constant reporting reviews as they can prevent hazardous events daily. Not every organization has the resources to generate reports daily, now this is where our affordable ad hoc reporting engine comes in handy. We offer three pricing options with different features that fit small-scale organizations. Eliminating monetary concerns and giving way to efficient reporting that saves development time and money is all you need to survive in the red ocean.

Incorporating near-miss reports into your business operations does not only prevent risks but fosters a healthy work culture. Empower employees and witness your productivity scaling in no time. 

Why DotNet Report?

Our easy-to-use reporting engine transforms your data sets into actionable insights and high-quality reports. By embedding DotNet Report’s report builder into your system, you can facilitate developers as well as end-users to declare reporting contents. We offer the following unparalleled features to our clients.

  1. Customizable reports, charts, and dashboards
  2. Open source front end
  3. User-friendly report builder
  4. Quick installation and time-to-market
  5. Business intelligence tools
  6. No-coding platform
  7. Multi-tenant client support

You can choose between the following packages according to your budget and requirements

  1. Open- free trial version
  2. Premium- $85 per month
  3. Premium- $165 per month
  4. Enterprise- $635 per month

Unlike other reporting software that requires technical expertise for accurate functioning, our reporting engine is a self-service tool that requires minimal to no training. Thus, organizations do not need to hire additional technical support to derive full benefit from DotNet Report’s features and offerings. Our customer support team assists you as soon as you opt for the free trial and continues throughout your product’s lifetime. The development support feature ensures to entertain feature development requests and add further enhancements if possible. 

We acknowledge that transparency in service delivery is crucial to ensure customer satisfaction, hence providing a free demo to interested clients. Schedule a twenty-minute free demo today and gain an insight into our services. Choose us only if we can meet your expectations during the demo. 

Join DotNet Report today and generate customizable ad hoc near-miss reports on your own. Click here to sign up for a free trial version. We will happily assist you throughout your free trial period too.

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