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Free Data Viz: Open Source Chart Makers for Stunning Insights

    Data visualization is a vital component of data analysis and decision-making in today’s data-driven world. 

    However, not everyone can afford or has access to expensive data visualization tools. 

    This is where Free Data Visualization comes in. They are open source chart makers that enable users to create stunning visualizations and gain valuable insights without spending a lot of money. 

    With Free Data Visualization open source chart makers, individuals and businesses can produce professional-grade charts and graphs, regardless of their budget or technical expertise. 

    These powerful open source chart maker tools democratize data visualization and empower everyone to make informed decisions based on accurate and attractive visual representations of data.

    What Is An Open Source Chart Maker?

    What Is An Open Source Chart Maker

    An open source chart maker is a software tool that allows users to create charts, graphs, and other visual representations of data. 

    What sets an open source chart maker apart is that the software’s source code is available to the public, allowing users to access, modify, and distribute the code. 

    This means that the tool is free to use and can be customized to meet specific needs and preferences. 

    Open-source chart makers often have vibrant user communities that support and collaborate on the software’s development, making it a collaborative effort. 

    The availability of open-source chart makers has revolutionized data visualization, making it accessible to individuals and organizations who may not have the resources to invest in proprietary software.

    Benefits Of The Open Source Visualization Tool

    Benefits Of The Open Source Visualization Tool

    Open-source visualization tools have become increasingly popular due to their many benefits, including:

    1. Cost-Effectiveness

    Open-source visualization tools are often free to use, allowing businesses and individuals to save money on expensive software licenses.

    1. Customization

    Open-source visualization tools offer a high degree of customization since their source code is publicly available, allowing users to tailor the software to their specific needs and preferences.

    1. Community Support

    Open-source visualization tools often have a strong user community that provides support, feedback, and resources for users, allowing for collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

    1. Integration

    Open-source visualization tools are often designed to integrate with other open-source software, making it easier to build custom data pipelines and workflows.

    1. Flexibility

    Open-source visualization tools are highly flexible and can be adapted to a wide range of data visualization needs, from creating simple charts and graphs to building complex interactive visualizations.

    1. Transparency

    Open-source visualization tools are transparent in their operations, allowing users to understand how the software works and the underlying algorithms and data processing techniques used.

    1. Security

    Open-source visualization tools are subject to peer review, which enhances the security and reliability of the software.

    Overall, open source visualization tools provide a cost-effective and customizable solution for data visualization needs, while also offering a strong user community and a high degree of flexibility and transparency.

    Best Open Source Visualization Tools

    Best Open Source Visualization Tools

    Here are six of the best open source visualization tools:

    Dotnet Report

    Are you tired of struggling with clunky data visualization tools that make data analysis a chore? 

    Look no further than Dotnet Report, the powerful SaaS analytics tool that makes report creation and dashboard design a breeze. 

    With a plethora of pre-built reports, charts, and graphs available, users can customize and personalize their reports with ease.

    Tailor-Made Charts And Dashboards

    Dotnet Report’s intuitive interface makes designing multiple dashboards and running analytics effortlessly. 

    Users can customize their reports to suit their unique needs by adding filters and analytics. 

    Arrange your reports in any way you want, and create a dashboard that works for you.

    Easy Report Scheduling

    Schedule reports to be automatically emailed to you with Dotnet Report’s convenient report scheduler. 

    With this feature, you’ll never miss a report again.

    Automatic Drill-Down Reports

    Dotnet Report’s built-in grouped reports feature has an automatic drill-down option, allowing users to expand and view the complete list of data rows that were grouped.

    Other Features

    Dotnet Report includes a host of other features, including filtering using a list, organizing in folders, built-in date filters, and an open-source front end. 

    With server-side paging/sorting, you’ll be able to organize your reports with ease.

    Contact us today to schedule a demo and see how Dotnet Report can revolutionize your data analysis and reporting process.


    D3.js is a JavaScript library that is widely used for creating interactive and dynamic data visualizations on the web. 

    It offers a wide range of customization options and is highly flexible, making it ideal for building complex visualizations. 

    D3.js can be used as a chart generator to create a variety of charts and graphs, including bar charts, line charts, scatterplots, and more. 

    It also supports animations, transitions, and interactive events, allowing users to create engaging and interactive visualizations.

    Apache Superset

    Apache Superset is an open-source data exploration and visualization platform that allows users to create interactive dashboards and charts. 

    It supports a wide range of data sources, including SQL databases, NoSQL databases, and cloud storage platforms. 

    Apache Superset offers a user-friendly interface for creating and sharing visualizations, with features such as drag-and-drop chart creation, SQL query editing, and data exploration capabilities.

    GNU Octave

    GNU Octave is a high-level programming language and open-source software for numerical computations and data visualization. 

    It is designed to be compatible with MATLAB and offers a range of powerful data visualization capabilities. 

    GNU Octave supports various plot types, including 2D and 3D plots, as well as image and volume visualization. 

    It also offers advanced features such as real-time data acquisition, signal processing, and simulation.


    OpenRefine is a powerful chart generator for cleaning and transforming messy data and creating visualizations. 

    It offers a user-friendly interface for data cleaning and can be integrated with other visualization tools to create stunning visualizations. 

    OpenRefine allows users to create custom charts and graphs using data from multiple sources, including CSV, TSV, and JSON files. 

    It also supports a wide range of chart types, including scatterplots, heatmaps, and treemaps.


    RAWGraphs is an open-source data visualization tool that enables users to create custom visualizations from their data using a simple drag-and-drop interface. 

    It supports a wide range of data sources and offers a range of chart types and customization options. 

    RAWGraphs allows users to create custom visualizations such as network diagrams, chord diagrams, and diagrams, as well as more traditional charts such as bar charts and line charts.

    These best open source visualization tools provide a range of powerful capabilities for data visualization, offering flexibility, customization, and affordability for individuals and organizations. 

    By leveraging the power of open-source visualization tools, users can create compelling visualizations that provide insights into their data, help communicate ideas, and drive decision-making.

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, open source chart makers offer a wide range of benefits for businesses and individuals looking to create compelling visualizations. 

    From cost savings to greater customization and flexibility, open source chart makers can be a powerful tool in helping users present data in a clear, meaningful way. 

    The top six visualization tools discussed above each offer unique advantages and features to suit various needs and preferences. 

    Ultimately, choosing the right tool will depend on the specific needs of the user and the type of data being analyzed. 

    By exploring these open source chart makers, users can gain valuable insights and make more informed decisions based on their data.


    1. What are the best ways to create charts?

    The best ways to create charts include using software or tools specifically designed for data visualization, such as Dotnet report, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Tableau, or open-source options like D3.js or Chart.js. 

    It is important to choose a tool that fits your needs, data complexity, and level of expertise in data visualization.

    2. Which data visualization tool is easy?

    Dotnet Report is a data visualization tool that simplifies the report creation process. 

    It is designed to empower users to generate professional reports and dashboards effortlessly. 

    With its intuitive interface and a wide range of pre-built reports, charts, and graphs, Dotnet Report makes it easy to create visually appealing and informative reports.

    Users can easily customize their reports by adding filters and running analytics. 

    They can also design and layout multiple dashboards, arranging the reports in whichever way they desire. 

    In addition, Dotnet Report includes a report scheduler that enables users to set up a report to be emailed to them on a regular schedule, saving time and effort.

    With its built-in features like automatic drill-down reports, server-side paging/sorting, and organizing in folders, Dotnet Report is a powerful data visualization tool that simplifies the report creation process. 

    Its open-source front end and different pricing options, including a free trial, make it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.

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