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5 of the Best Report Building Software

    In this guide, we’ll be covering five of the very best report building software solutions available in 2022.

    A decision-making process requires exact interpretation of the available data. Data can be in various forms including sales, marketing, human resources, research & development, computing, etc. Reports are being generated to visualize the collected data and share it with the stakeholders to enable them to make informed decisions. 

    In the past, there was a designated workforce to generate reports manually which took a lot of time. Traditionally, report building was a slow process, and sometimes, months were required to deliver valuable reports which created hurdles in taking timely decisions and delays would result in losses.

    As technology has evolved, report building software changed the orthodox way of writing and composing reports. They have empowered the end-users with flexibility. Nowadays, companies use these report building software so they don’t have to allocate specific manpower for report creation and it is way less time-consuming.

    Moreover, you can transform the reports into very unique, exciting, and professional templates offered by report building software. Government, universities, R&D organizations, industries, and start-ups use reports to analyze their progress, accelerate the decision-making process, and plan the future.

    What is Report Building Software?

    Report Building Software for SaaS

    Report building software is an application that provides enterprises with various reports about their businesses. Reports produced can range from sales reports to production reports, to ad hoc reports, to reports in which the user customizes the queries, perhaps for a specific problem.

    Report creation is the most valuable and required skill in the market because analyzing the data, extracting handy information, and composing it in the form of a document is not everyone’s cup of tea. But such software makes it easier and more flexible for everyone to generate result-oriented reports.  With built-in features, one can analyze the available data and extract useful insights in graphs and charts, making them more readable and interesting for end-users.

    Most software offer paid versions but some are also available with free plans in the market. Companies even design and develop their own report-building software according to their requirements.

    Benefits of using Report Building Software

    Instead of putting effort into creating your own reporting tools and reinventing the wheel, one can easily opt for readily available professional solutions. We have summarized the benefits of using such software below:

    1. Data Provision: Data from different sources can be integrated into these tools which are extremely beneficial. You don’t need to enter data every time and can extract it easily from your own data sources.
    2. Customized Designing: You can present your information in a variety of graphical forms including graphs, tables, charts, and gauges. Reports can be tailored to the end-users requirements.
    3. Handling Big data: Reports need to be readable and perfectly structured even if you are dealing with a huge database. These tools are capable of handling big data even from varying sources and providing interactive reporting.
    4. Easy Sharing: Generated reports can easily be shared with all the stakeholders in all formats via emails which is also the built-in feature of some reporting tools. This saves time a lot.
    5. Feature Updates: As improvements and new features in the tools are developed, updates are easily available to enhance your experience.
    6. Prompt Decisions: As less time is consumed in creating interactive and tailored reports using software hence stakeholders can take prompt decisions for the future.

    World’s 5 Best Report Building Software

    Above mentioned features make report building tools beneficial for companies as well as individuals. There are different types of reports like financial, business intelligence, services, and progress reports, you can choose tools according to your business needs. 

    You can get visibility over the data with the useful and detailed insights offered by these tools. Many options are there in the market but here are the world’s top 5 best report building software.

    Dotnet Report Builder

    Report Building Software for SaaS platforms

    Dotnet Report is a simple, embeddable ad hoc reporting engine. Dotnet Report is focused on end-user report productivity while allowing IT developers to create canned reports for email delivery with our built-in scheduler. Both end-users and developers can focus on declaring what is in the report: views, columns, filters, aggregates, and themes, then allow the report engine to handle the tedious layout.

    Dotnet Report offers two basic value propositions to its customers. It saves them time and money and brings additional value to their customers. A flexible and intuitive program allows developers to create and deploy high-value reports. End users can run these reports while editing and creating new reports easily. You can easily embed open source code in your application for a seamless transition to using high-quality reports

    dotnet Report is committed to providing an excellent experience to its customers such as:

    • Pre-sale Testing Support – we offer email, forum-based and web-based support to answer questions and help fix bugs before the sale
    • Post-sale Deployment Support and Training – after the sale, dotnet Report helps customers deploy the solution and provides initial and continued periodic training
    • Responsive Customer Support – We are staffed to quickly answer any support questions that may come up and guarantee a response within 24 hours
    • Development Support – All reasonable feature development requests are added to our development track for general release. Customer-specific development services can also be negotiated  

    Businesses related to SaaS, CRM development, IT consulting companies, and Internal Development Teams are included in Dotnet’s customer base.


    Forbes, IDC, and Gartner have declared FineReport one of the best reporting software. It enables enterprise managers and IT personnel to effectively monitor the performance, analyze business trends and create spectacular data visualization effects along with easy data integration.

    Its offered features are:

    • Easy Integration and embedded deployment make data entry easy from various sources.
    • Smart data access and handling large databases.
    • Providing a Prompt and Powerful decision-making Platform for companies.
    • Dynamic Data Visualization to make reports more presentable.  
    • Unique and Interactive design patterns allow us to build innovative reports.
    • Mobile App provides access anytime and anywhere.
    • Support large screens and dashboards which make tracking down of insights (KPI and trends) into data easy.

    It is a paid JAVA reporting tool making its integration seamless with various systems. FineReport is being used in the IT, real estate, fashion, pharmaceutical, financial, retail, and electronics sectors, which shows its credibility. It makes the reporting process easy, flexible, and more intelligent allowing businesses to fetch useful insights. You can also access your reports on mobile apps and large screens which increases productivity. Thus, it is all-in-one management solutions for end-users with all its exciting features.  

    Answer Rocket

    Answer Rocket is an Al-powered analytics tool that provides businesses with augmented and visualization solutions. It is mostly used by enterprises to gain useful insights into the complicated analysis of their data in the form of charts and graphs. You don’t need technical knowledge to understand trends and complexity in the data. It analyzes and simplifies reports for you. You can clarify your queries by asking questions in plain English. No need to write any programming code or SQL for queries.

    It empowers businesses to take quick and data-driven decisions. Many B2C businesses need to know the performance of their policies and products in the market. They have a complex and large amount of data to deal with.  Answer Rocket collects your data, visualizes and analyzes it for you. It also predicts the trends and addresses your queries. It offers proactive insights, ad-hoc answers, dynamic graphical representations, and interactive stories.

    Unilever, COTY, EMC Insurance, and HI-Rez Studios are among its highlighted clients. It has automated their data-analysis process and entire workflows. It empowered them to adopt a sustainable approach in their policies hence resulting in growth.

    Zoho Analytics

    According to BARC, 97% of the users would recommend Zoho Analytics. This tool is transforming the data into useful information within minutes and empowers users to model and prepare data. It uses Al-based assistance to create insightful reports by analyzing the data intelligently according to your questions. 

    For instance, if a B2C brand wants to know its projected sales for the next quarter, Zoho Analytics will analyze its current sales and customer feedback to generate the answer in an innovative way.

    Zoho Analytics has an amazing feature of connecting you with 100+ popular business apps, databases, cloud drives, and custom apps. It also sorts and catalogs the data, analyzes using its AI assistant, and presents it in innovative ways by incorporating graphs, pivot tables, charts, and widgets. 

    It uses different business apps to create unified business analytics reports. Forecasting the trends, predicting the future, and ease of use with a low cost and secure platform are some added advantages of Zoho Analytics. That is why many popular brands including HP, Laliga, Hyundai, Suzuki, HDFC Life, and IKEA use it to keep track of their data.

    Power BI

    Power BI, developed by Microsoft, is a business intelligence tool that aggregates, analyzes, visualizes, and shares useful insights within organizations. Forrester recognized Microsoft as a leader in the Forrester wave, Augmented BI Platform in 2021. Therefore, world-leading companies and brands like Toyota, P&G, KPMG, and Integris Health show their trust in Power BI.

    Power BI is available for different interfaces where the following three are the basics:

    • Power BI Desktop, a desktop application
    • Power BI Service, SaaS service
    • Power BI Mobile App, a mobile application

    All these applications allow you to work with business insights intelligently that serve your role efficiently. Power BI cleanses, transforms the data into a data model, and generates visuals through graphs and charts. It also provides sharing options with other Power BI users within the organization. 

    Interactive dashboards exclusively for management and administrations to have a view of departmental performance are added features of the tool. With Cortana integration, users can ask verbal questions using natural languages and software will use its AI assistance to answer the query. Regular updates by Microsoft and enhanced security of the platform make it one of the best report building software.


    Without report building software you will only struggle to find the meaning of massive amounts of business data. There are many other tools for report building in the market with varying features. You can also opt for software according to your needs. 

    Though the basic function of such software remains the same, with advanced analytics and features, you can choose the most appropriate one as per your business needs. Nowadays, report building tools have made reports more interactive, innovative, insightful, and readable for the end-users.

    Let us know if there are any questions or comments.

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