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Best Data Reporting Tools for Agriculture

Reporting tools for agriculture make it easier to operate a farm’s productivity.

Through analysis and understanding of crop growing, animal care, agricultural economics, and appropriate technical services for equipment and buildings, these reporting tools for agriculture increase farms’ efficiency and, as a result, their profitability.

All of these responsibilities may be accomplished by monitoring staff performance and field operations, controlling resources and inventories, managing crops and labour, and performing general corporate accounting.

Profit estimation and measurement are also necessary.

One major benefit of modern living is that the intricacy of these activities can all be mechanised and digitalized.

As you can see, even small and big agricultural enterprises may benefit from using reporting tools for agriculture. 

They might be simple or complicated, managing only a specific area of the business.

Below we have highlighted some of the best farm manager software available for you to choose from. Considering what each agriculture reporting tool offers can help you choose the right fit of software for you. 

Best Reporting Tools for Agriculture 

reporting tools for agriculture

Below we have highlighted agriculture reporting tools that can help you manage all the aspects of your agricultural processes and gain insight into valuable data sources to become more profitable. 

Let’s get right into it, here are our picks for reporting tools for agriculture. 

DotNet Report Builder 

If you are looking for a dedicated reporting tool to integrate into your own system, DotNet is the way to go. 

Other programmers may easily integrate reports and dashboards into their own programs using DotNet Report Builder.

With the aid of the program, your end users may quickly create self-service Reports and Charts.

Your clients may select their own fields, make their own filters, and even schedule their own reports using the simple and user-friendly Report Builder, saving you time and money on report production.

By integrating  such reporting into your processes you can gain valuable insights from data to make changes and updates to ensure that your processes are the most profitable and efficient. 

Data Reporting Tools for Agriculture

Key Features:

  • Ad hoc reporting
  • an open-source front end, 
  • dashboards that can be customised, 
  • financial reporting, 
  • marketing reports, 
  • sales reports, 
  • data connections, 
  • the ability to import and export data, 
  • search and filter options.


Agrivi is an advanced agriculture reporting tool that helps farmers plan and keep track of all operations linked to their farms.

Agrivi is assisting farmers in more than 150 nations in honing their farming techniques thanks to its broad collection of features.

Along with providing information on the overall success of farming, this cloud-based program keeps track of all field operations, finances, inventory, and labour.

The automated pest and disease detection system informs farmers to take preventative measures if there is a danger of pest infection or disease, and it is supported by a strong information base.

Agiri offers a precise seven-day prediction as well as a three-year weather history for each field.

Agrivi also makes it possible for you to save all of your financial paperwork and data in one location, and its built-in date alerts make sure you never forget to send or receive a payment.

For each manufacturing cycle, you may keep track of sales, costs, and capital expenditures. You can even import all the data in Word, Excel, and PDF formats.

The goal of AGRIVI, an agricultural technology business, is to transform the way food is produced. It is now regarded as a leader in the field.

Farmers of all sizes, agricultural cooperatives, the food sourcing sector, retail chains, banks, telecommunications, NGOs, governments, and any other parties interested in enhancing the effectiveness of the agri-food value chain are just a few of the stakeholders addressed by AGRIVI.

Agrivi’s knowledge base includes best practises for crop production, information on pests, weeds, and diseases that might affect your crops, as well as advice on how to avoid crop failure.

And more features and information are continually being added!


A collection of integrated digital tools and services, Granular is a distinctive product.

In actuality, it combines the expertise of agronomists, scientists, and farmers, as well as cutting-edge commercial and technical concepts from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and engineers.

The method enables easy crop planning by developing plans for each field independently, estimating the ideal water requirements, and forecasting weather effects. 

Granular can handle a lot of data and deliver real-time analytical results for timely, informed decisions.

The method enables easy crop planning by developing plans for each field independently, estimating the ideal water requirements, and forecasting weather effects.

Granular can handle a lot of data and deliver real-time analytical results for timely, informed decisions.

In addition, this farm manager software provides a networking platform for farmers, enhancing collaborative effectiveness and streamlining transactions involving farms.


One of the most reputable agronomic companies, Conservis, aids in the transformation of corporate data into useful information. 

With precise control and zero human error, complicated agricultural processes may be carried out with the help of Conservis’ reporting tool for agriculture.

Your agricultural business will function smoothly thanks to our enterprise-class solution and individual coaching, whether it’s planning or crop harvesting. 

Conservis effectively deconstructs intricate procedures and helps the farmers carry out their ideas.

Users can manage the whole process with transparency and confidence because to the expert-level advice and insights provided by this cloud-based farm software.

So that farmers may spend less time monitoring the data and fixing problems, Conservis Harvest helps schedule, track, and manage the resources during the harvesting season of the year.

You may plan and budget more effectively with the aid of the program, which will result in more successful crop harvesting.

Tools for farmers who need to concentrate on efficiency and production rather than spreadsheets.

Make the most of every input by managing your business by consolidating data into a single system for transparent, field-level profitability.

With integrated operational, financial, and agronomic data available to your whole team both in the office and on the field, you can make business choices more quickly and effectively.


A farm record-keeping system called FarmLogic System enables farmers to maintain crop-related records, carry out tasks quickly, and come to wiser conclusions.

The program automates all farm-related tasks, getting you what you need when you need it. Modern tools that are very intuitive and simple to use are included in the software.

You can record all the data with FarmLogic, which helps you make educated decisions, increase your long-term efficiency, and do so without negatively affecting the environment.

A tablet, smartphone, or desktop computer may easily access all the farming-related tasks and information.

The FarmLogic System’s foundation is the FarmLogic Web Headquarters. It may be viewed as a repository of documents and data because it has capabilities like My Lists, GIS map making, and other similar ones.

Similarly, the FarmPAD mobile application puts all the functions at your fingertips and lets you operate in offline mode.


The goal at Croptracker is to increase agricultural production’s profitability, effectiveness, and safety.

Through comprehensive software and consulting services, they have assisted farmers, packers, cooperatives, and organisations of all sizes in maintaining accurate records, connecting their teams, and streamlining their operations since 2006.

Almost every aspect of your farm should be tracked and recorded, including sprays, harvests, packaging supplies, storage, shipping, and personnel.

CropTracker offers a bird’s eye perspective of your business operations and more than 50 reports make audits simple, enabling you to see issues early and take swift action.

You can spend more time on your farm and less time in the office thanks to Croptracker.

For farmers that work with fruits and vegetables, CropTracker is a multi-award-winning farm management system.

The program attempts to increase agricultural output and provide more profit in a secure and effective manner.

The program, which was introduced in 2006, helps farmers, packers, groups, and associations keep correct records, communicate with team members, and improve company operations.

As the name implies, CropTracker allows you to keep track of all the elements and facets of your farm, including harvests, packaging supplies, storage space, shipping information, team members, pesticides, etc.

The following are the software’s main attributes: 

  • Powerful labour and cost tracking tools; 
  • Spray records; 
  • Packhouse systems; 
  • Harvest and production practise tracking; 
  • Creatively integrating technology.

Its broad reporting module has over 50 reporting templates that may be used to run faultless audits, examine every operation, and swiftly address challenges.


FarmBrite is a comprehensive cloud-based farm management system that provides the tools needed to manage all farm-related activities.

It helps contemporary farmers and ranchers plan and optimise their output while also keeping track of their money and managing their clientele.

Its mobile apps for iOS and Android also make it easier to manage data while on the road.

FarmBrite provides a number of operational tools to help farmers organise, optimise, and manage their operations, including a built-in calendar, to-do lists, estimates, reporting, and activity monitoring.

The program also includes a number of tools required by several sectors, including agricultural and livestock production, animal management, and many more.

Using numerous instruments designed for tracking, planning, breeding, grazing, and other purposes makes it feasible to manage livestock.

The program is also used by crop producers to manage nutrients, estimate orders, estimate raw materials, and record harvesting information.


CropStat is a statistical program for managing data and statistically analysing experimental data from field trials in agriculture.

Although it was primarily created for the study of data from agricultural field trials, it may also be utilised for data analysis in other industries.

Data management with spreadsheet, descriptive statistics, Scatterplot Diagrams, linear mixed models, balanced and unbalanced analysis, combined analysis of variance, analysis of repeated measures, regression and correlation analysis, genotype x environment interaction analysis, single-site analysis of variety analysis, pattern analysis, quantitative trait loci analysis, etc. are all tasks that CropStat7.2 is capable of performing.

Any 32-bit Windows operating system may execute CropStat. Run the SETUP.EXE file located in the installation folder after unzipping the application to install it on your computer. Run the CROPSTAT.EXE application or click the icon that the SETUP program will install to launch the program. It is an easy setup. 

Final Thoughts 

Data Reporting Tools for Agriculture

These are some of the top reporting tools for agriculture on the market right now that may help you organise your farming operations and increase your farm’s profitability.

Your agricultural process will undoubtedly become much more sustainable and precise thanks to these solutions, which also provide you access to the data in one convenient location.

Let us know if there are any questions or comments.

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