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12 Best Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards in 2023

    In the contemporary marketplace, data is a worldwide currency that drives advancement, grows profit margins, and unlocks the power of enterprises across various, diverse industries.

    Marketers rely on data as a crucial tool to effectively manage campaigns, allowing them to measure myriad KPIs and keep clients pleased that they see an acceptable ROI level. Having access to this wealth of data through digital marketing reporting dashboards is priceless for a marketer. 

    But for a client, the insights gleaned from it in clear, compelling, and concise reports on digital marketing make them want to engage. 

    We analyzed 7 of the most comprehensive and straightforward digital marketing reporting dashboards that will bring your data to life and keep your clients coming back.

    What is a Digital Marketing Dashboard?

    Digital Marketing Dashboards display KPIs and Marketing metrics in a visual form

    In order to make evidence-based digital marketing strategy decisions you need to have the right data points at the right time and that too in an easy-to-digest format.

    Visibility both at the top level as far as ROI is concerned and deeper dives on how individual campaigns are working across marketing channels is essential.

    In-depth views on both help provide you with the visibility you need without having to crunch numbers in spreadsheets and then processing that data in different marketing platforms.

    Most successful marketing analysts use marketing data platforms to streamline data flow.

    For example, dotnet report provides an embedded analytics solution to integrate into your SaaS product so that your marketing team can have access to improvised digital marketing reporting dashboards on the fly and make evidence-based decisions easily for the business.

    What Software to Use to Build Marketing Dashboards?

    best digital marketing reporting tools

    No matter your goals, we’ve put together a thorough list of digital marketing reporting tools to help you, including a few free and freemium options for those on a low budget.

    This list can be the cornerstone of an effective marketing stack, whether it’s for managing customer connections, attracting leads, reporting on digital marketing, or discovering new marketing opportunities.

    1. dotnet report

    asp .net reporting tool

    Our report builder offers many built-in features for producing marketing reports easily for you and your end users, including schedule reports, and drill-down reports that too with the ability to export to PDF.

    Here are some of the salient features of the dotnet report builder:

    • Charts & Dashboards: Built in with many types of reports, charts, and graphs that users can easily design on their own, add filters and create digital marketing reporting dashboards that they need.
    • Report Scheduler: Easily set up a schedule for a report to be emailed to them.
    • Multi-Tenant Clients, Users, and Roles: Our platform helps handle a basic single-user application. dotnet has built-in support for multi-tenant clients, where your client’s data is stored in the same database or different ones, we cover all your .Net reporting needs for digital marketing reporting dashboards.
    • Drill Down Reports: Grouped Reports come built-in with automatic drill-down options, where you can expand and get the full list of data rows that were grouped together.

    2. Google Analytics

    digital marketing reporting

    The free website analysis tool from Google is a God-sent to all digital marketers. Google Analytics provides you with insights into every facet of the performance of your website using a wide range of measures. 

    Keep track of digital marketing, and customer journeys, evaluate your content’s effectiveness, report on digital marketing, and discover which channels bring in the most visitors.

    Google Analytics tools integrate the aggregate data with Google AdWords and Google Data Studio. The combined data makes it possible to examine your marketing data in greater detail. 

    This tool will also provide information about the visitors to your website, including who they are, how they found it, how long they were there, and many other details.


    An online reporting solution called Swydo Reporting Software lets users build PPC, social media, and analytic marketing reports by using pre-built widgets and themes. 

    With the bulk of first-party data sources, including LinkedIn, Facebook insights, Google AdWords and Analytics, etc., the platform supports limitless integrations.

    Swydo offers several potent reporting tools, including automatic report scheduling and sending, white labeling and cost, KPI, and goal monitoring. It’s designed for small to medium-sized enterprises, digital agencies, and companies with in-house marketing.

    As an additional benefit, it has a workflow tool that makes it easier to handle team calendars, project templates, recurring tasks, time tracking, etc. The cost per month ranges from $75 to $360.

    4. SEMrush

    Use SEMrush to learn about the Adwords campaigns of competitors. This tool aids in researching and analyzing the advertising efforts of rival companies and gives reports on digital marketing. The user can obtain more insightful information and gain tremendous traffic knowledge thanks to it.

    Marketing professionals who wish to increase their search engine traffic and monitor what their competitors do will find SEMrush helpful. It assists in helping you outperform your competitors by offering search results. Additionally, it provides a simpler way to keep tabs on the social media profiles of the competition.

    SEMrush is used to monitor competitor companies’ web presence and social media strategies. It gives you the best knowledge to outperform competitors in every area and monitor their activity.

    5. BuzzSumo

    It is a social networking site analyzer. After analyzing, the dashboard displays information about the most popular trends.

    This feature is a content and social media analysis platform that provides a wealth of information. Furthermore, according to BuzzSumo, other features include sophisticated reports on digital marketing, keyword search processors, content genre filters, hyperlink statistics, and even online affiliate marketing tools.

    For the most part, this is a dashboard for assessing the influence your content and appearance on social media have on your target audience in a digital marketing context.

    Social media trends based on data from BuzzSumo can help make reports on digital marketing with the help of Dotnet Report Builder

    BuzzSumo is utilized to gain insight into older data, such as from the last 15 hours or even a few months ago. Backlink information and search operators are just two of the other options that are offered.

    6. Google Data Studio

    A useful reporting platform for everyone, the Google Data Studio tool integrates seamlessly with other Google products (such as AdWords, Analytics, etc.).

    Still, non-Google products require third-party integration, often at an additional cost, to work with the Google Marketing Platform’s Google Data Studio. As a more detailed version of Google Analytics, Data Studio allows users to import reports directly from Analytics or Google Sheets.

    There is no limit to tracking digital marketing data, the number of report pages, or the number of widgets that may be included in a report, making data visualization simple. This is a strong, free reporting and visualization tool. 

    Reports on digital marketing allow users to configure dates and filter data according to client demand, mix blended data on reports, drag and drop scorecards, and access real-time dashboards and white label report smoothly. 

    Google Data Studio is a terrific option for smaller marketing businesses and individuals because it is completely free to use.

    7. AgencyAnalytics

    An enterprise marketing dashboard and reporting tool, AgencyAnalytics features 30+ integrations with most of the main track of digital marketing and social networking sites, automated reports that can be scheduled on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis, and a high degree of personalization from dashboards to personalized report comments and a variety of widget chart styles.

    SEO features for rank tracking reports on digital marketing, site audits, backlink monitoring, competition analysis, agency administration tools that allow the creation of staff accounts and individual staff job allocation, and permission-based client logins are a few other values adds. 

    8. Dash This

    There are three dashboard alternatives to choose from with this specialized program, and each one generates a report after it’s set up. Dashboards that measure the performance of certain campaigns over time are available in three different ways: the periodic dashboard, the rolling dashboard, and the campaign dashboard.

    Custom widgets can be added by dragging and dropping them into the dashboards or choosing from one of the nine pre-configured widget chart kinds. Data can be imported from CSV files, and reports on digital marketing can be imported into Dash using most of the major data source applications and digital marketing reporting platforms on the market.

    Besides, Dash This provides templates for social media and email marketing reports, PPC and E-commerce report, report sharing and automation reports, and email and video capabilities for Dash This reports.

    Bonus Contender: Sprout Social

    Businesses can use Sprout’s social media management tool to coordinate their content calendars and assets centrally. When your followers are most active, you can publish and schedule content across several platforms, all at the right time.

    With Sprout’s social media management tools, you can easily collaborate with coworkers and clients. Smart Inbox gives you an overview of all your social messages so that you may react wisely and in a timely manner to all your inquiries.

    With Sprout, you don’t have to guess which of your posts are the most effective or which of your social campaigns are most successful when it comes to improving the performance of your content and tracking your digital marketing efforts.

    When used in conjunction with powerful social listening tools, you can discover new trends, hashtags, and ways to connect with potential clients.

    9. Moz: 

    Up next on our online marketing reporting tools list, we’ve got Moz.

    This online marketing reporting software is a comprehensive SEO tool that includes reporting features for tracking keyword rankings, website performance, link building, and more. 

    Moz also offers customizable reporting templates, which allow you to create branded reports that can be scheduled for regular delivery to your team or clients.

    Keyword Tracking 

    As robust online marketing reporting tools go, Moz can be used to track the rankings of your website for keywords relevant to your business or industry and monitor organic search engine performance with customizable, up-to-date data.

    Backlink Analysis 

    Analyze backlinks from around the web so you can understand what websites are linking to yours.

    Site Audits 

    Using this online marketing reporting software, regularly audit your site to ensure it’s technically optimized, all content is properly indexed by search engines, and there are no broken links or other issues that could be hindering visibility and performance in the SERPs (search engine result pages). 

    Competitor Analysis 

    Uncover competitors’ strategies for successful keyword targeting and gain insights into their activity on different channels (SEO, social media) so that you can improve upon them for better ROI/results. 

    Reporting & Dashboards

    Generate deep, actionable reports about website performance that are easy to read and interpret thanks to various visualization options like heatmaps, graphs, tables, etc. with this online marketing reporting software.

    Plus, you can also use this online marketing reporting software to create custom dashboards tailored specifically towards tracking metrics related to your business objectives or user goals.

    10. Tableau: 

    Up next on our online marketing reporting tools list, we’ve got Tableau.

    It is a powerful data visualization tool that enables you to create interactive and dynamic reports and dashboards. 

    Tableau and such online marketing reporting tools can connect to various data sources, including Google Analytics, social media platforms, and databases, allowing you to create visually stunning reports that can be easily shared with stakeholders.

    11. Klipfolio: 

    Klipfolio is a cloud-based data analytics online marketing reporting software that integrates with a wide range of data sources, including Google Analytics, social media platforms, CRM systems, and more. 

    As one of the best digital marketing reporting tools, it offers a drag-and-drop interface for creating customizable dashboards and reports, and it allows you to schedule automated report deliveries.

    Easy Setup: 

    Klipfolio’s drag-and-drop system allows users to quickly assemble visually appealing dashboards and customize them according to their needs without any coding knowledge needed. 

    Data Sources: 

    Klipfolio, and such other software in the category of the best digital marketing reporting tools, can be used to easily integrate with a variety of data sources including spreadsheets, databases, cloud services (Google Analytics, Salesforce), web APIs & more. 

    This makes it easy for users to bring together different channels in one place for analysis & reporting purposes. 

    Automated Updates: 

    Klipfolio provides automated real time updates every few minutes or so depending on the user’s preference which ensures that the latest information is always available at their fingertips without manual input needed from the user side each time they want up-to-date findings. 

    Variety of Chart Types & Visualizations: 

    The online marketing reporting software offers various charting options such as line charts, bar graphs, pie charts, tables, etc., which can be customized according to user preferences (examples: shape/color, etc.), 

    As a result, using one of the best digital marketing tools, such as this one results in enabling greater flexibility when it comes to conveying insights onto dashboards & reports in a visually appealing manner.  

    Dashboard Sharing & Collaboration Features: 

    Dashboard sharing tools within Klipfolio allow users to share live dashboards with other stakeholders so they can access them remotely via web browser as well as collaborate on changes through version control tools making sure everyone always has access only up-to-date versions.

    12. Supermetrics: 

    Moving on with our best digital marketing reporting tools recommendations, Supermetrics comes as a data integration and reporting tool that allows you to consolidate data from various sources, such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more, into a single dashboard. 

    It offers pre-built templates and the ability to create custom reports, making it a convenient option for the best digital marketing reporting tools.


    digital marketing reporting

    Choosing the correct tools is critical if you want to make sense of the data. Using marketing analytics tools for reports on digital marketing is essential. You’ve also seen some of the greatest tools for marketing analytics. 

    This article demonstrates how simple it is to utilize these tools, even if you have no prior experience. You need to continue exploring new tools if you want to attain better results.

    Digital marketing tools can help you move forward with confidence and have a stronger pulse on what you’re doing in terms of marketing.

    Data-driven decision-making is something that DotNet Report has been dealing with for a long time and understands. Our social media analytics tools are designed to help you make better decisions about your social media marketing operations. 

    Join our service today, and let us assist you in growing your social media presence.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should be in a digital marketing dashboard?

    Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards may report on marketing channels, programs, campaigns, and activities including search, social, or email marketing. Digital marketing reporting dashboards may track online campaigns, lead generation, and search engine marketing efforts.

    What is a KPI dashboard for marketers?

    What is a marketing Key performance indicator dashboard? A marketing KPI dashboard is an analytics tool for marketing and sales teams. It enables users to track and report on online marketing performance which in turn enables a more evidence-based marketing strategy and how to achieve business objectives.

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