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Six Examples of Self-Service Analytics Tools

    Managing business processes and enhancing growth on your own sparks curiosity and interest. By being equally involved in all the business operations, businesses tend to have greater control over their progress. It’s time businesses discover self-service analytics tools that ensure business intelligence-based decision making. We will reveal some of the top self-service analytics tools here.

    Self-Service Analytics Tools

    Not every employee of an organization has a technical background and expertise but generating business reports to develop wise strategies should be viable for all of them; this is where the need for self-service analytics arises. Reducing the need for IT assistance, self-service analytics tools are a type of Business Intelligence tool that enables businesses to analyze their performance and growth independently. Business intelligence is the main factor behind the scalability and growth of businesses as it speeds up decision-making and minimizes human labor. Rather than relying on complex analysis tools, businesses opt for simple and hassle-free tools as nobody would want to limit analysis to specific teams only. They give the ability to analyze business information to every employee, which generates innovative ideas and faster conclusions. 

    Factors to Consider when Choosing Self-Service Analytics Tools

    1. Tailored for Every Employee

    Self-service analytics tools have different levels of complexity. While one tool might be overwhelming for one employee, it might be the best solution for others. Therefore, businesses should opt for tools tailored to every employee’s needs. Choosing any basic or complex self-service analytics tool is not the key to success; choosing the right tool is one. Understand your organizational employees’ requirements and choose tools that suit different levels of employees.

    1. Security Management

    Data is crucial to every business, and one cannot risk data security as it can hamper business operations and cause massive losses. While choosing the right self-service analytics tool for your organization, analyze whether your organization requires tools that offer strict data protection or transparency. In an ideal world, businesses need to strike a balance between the two. Communicate your privacy concerns to the Information Technology department and choose tools that fulfill your requirements without being a threat to your data protection.

    1. Easy Navigation

    Do you want to spend hours and dollars training employees about the new self-service analytics tool you have just purchased? Absolutely not. Choosing a tool that is not user-friendly is one of the grave mistakes businesses often make. While having complex analysis tools might lead to stronger analysis, what is the use of such tools if your employees do not have expertise over them? Keep in mind that the self-service tool should be easy to use for the employees to manage their data analysis with zero or minimal training. Look out for tools that can be integrated into business applications and offer smooth navigation to users. Integration familiarizes employees with the software’s features in a better way. Such tools enable employees to generate quick analytical reports and develop better solutions.

    Six Self-Service Analytics Tools

    1. Alteryx

    Does your organization function in a repeated workflow? Do you want to automate the monotone procedures? Alteryx is the right self-service analytics tool for your organization. Alteryx is not industry-specific which benefits users from different industries to partner with Alteryx. It offers its customers quick insights into the customer data by running its analysis. This self-service analytics tool accelerates an organization’s decision-making process through its notable features. Alteryx guarantees that its tools are designed for employees of various skill levels so that the tool is viable for all. 

    As it works for various industries and supports employees with variable technical expertise, it is one of the top self-service analysis tools in the market. Alteryx has a wide range of product offerings for its users. It provides its users with AI-driven auto insights, Alteryx machine learning, Alteryx designer cloud, and Alteryx auto insights. You can predict and statistically infer information on a single platform, i.e., Alteryx. It allows users to organize and analyze data from multiple sources on a single platform, thus making it easier for businesses to streamline their operations. Alteryx analytics cloud leads businesses towards faster data analysis in one platform. Through this cloud-based analytics tool, businesses can access data anywhere, anytime. The workflow is shared on PCs, on-site premises, and cloud storage, ensuring a strong backup. Schedule a demo with Alteryx and get a tour of its services. It is priced at $5195 per year for individual users, and the team pricing is variable. To know the product price for team structure, contact Alteryx. 

    1. DotNet Report Builder

    Businesses are tired of relying on third-party applications to analyze their data. DotNet Report Builder is a self-service analytics tool that enables businesses to manage their data independently. It offers user-friendly software to customers through which they can analyze data without needing any vast expertise. Its customer support facilities are noteworthy as customers get free support during the trial period. The trial period is your road to the final decision, and we make sure that it is obstacle-free by providing you with constant support throughout. Businesses do not want a tool with no customer support as they require little assistance to manage the analysis process. Just embed DotNet Report into your system and avail our product offerings, including ad hoc report building, charts and dashboards generation, report scheduler, and multi-tenant client support. Clients have the option to choose their industry, apply specific filters, and generate final reports. We offer transparency of services by providing the users with a free-trial option and demo. If you are not certain about our product, use the free trial option and take your decision wisely. You can contact us to obtain a customized pricing quote according to your requirements after completing the free-trial period. The pricing is divided into the following packages.

    1. Open- free trial version
    2. Premium- $85 per month
    3. Premium+ – $165 per month
    4. Enterprise- $635 per month

    Get the DotNet Report Builder and generate insightful reports without being a technical expert yourself. We facilitate you in your data-driven decision-making process through our self-service report building features.

    1. Domo

    Another efficient self-service analytics tool that has altered the way businesses function is Domo. Being a mobile-first BI tool, it enables users to access their data on mobile phones, which is extremely convenient for businesses. They can use their smartphones to analyze data and make business decisions anytime and anywhere.

    The following features make Domo stand out from its competitors.

    • Over 1,000 pre-built and custom data connectors
    • Privacy features such as personalized data permissions and BYOK data encryption
    • Programmatic management with APIs
    • Bi-directional data flow 
    • Over 150 interactive chart types
    • Real-time alerts and push notifications
    • Instant collaboration with chat
    • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
    • Integrated SSO
    • Numerous in-built business applications

    Domo’s package pricing is as follows

    1. Standard- $83 per month
    2. Professional- $160 per month
    3. Enterprise- $190 per month

    You can choose your desired package according to your business requirements.

    1. IBM

    IBM is well-aware that business analytics drive organizations toward growth. It gives an insight into business performance so an organization can decide how to grow with time. IBM’s self-service analytics tool has two products that vary in features and pricing. Businesses can align their business requirements and IBM’s product offerings to choose between them. The first package is known as ‘Watson Analytics.’ It functions to align the financial and operational aspects of a business. If you avail of the Watson Analytics analytics tool, you will gain knowledge about your day-to-day operations and the financial performance of your business. It has a planning analytics interface that enables users to create business plans on the web.

    Moreover, it stimulates quick performance without relying on the number of users. It facilitates users with sandbox creation to compare different situations. Cognos Analytics enables businesses to focus on their current performance and visualize future growth. You can create data visualizations and personalized reports and identify patterns to forecast the future through Cognos Analytics. You can buy Watson Analytics at $1250 per month, and Cognos Analytics’ pricing starts at $5.

    1. Microsoft

    We are all familiar with Microsoft and its day-to-day support in our daily work lives, but Microsoft’s analytical capabilities play a major part in a business’ development. Microsoft’s Power BI is known for its capabilities by big names, including Gartner and IDC. Some of the top features of Microsoft are stated below.

    • Power BI desktop enables data analysis and report generation.
    • Power BI service allows users to collaborate while creating analytical reports.
    • Power BI embedded integrates dashboards, visuals, and reports into applications.

    It offers an on-site analytics system for businesses that require data mashup and on-site data usage to individuals and masses. It has a cloud-based analytics solution that ensures quick data access to businesses on their smart devices and desktops. It can work side by side with MS Office 365 and MS excel to create a seamless experience for its users. No matter your data type, Microsoft can ingest most of them, including IoT data, big data, relational data, and streaming data. Its self-service feature cleans, ingests, and enriches data for a better user experience. 

    Microsoft has partnered with Azure to collaborate on data. Collaboration and data unification are essential for an organization’s smooth operations because when users have access to data all across an organization, they can come up with better solutions and predict future trends more accurately. Microsoft offers the following packages

    1. Power BI Pro-$9.99 per month
    2. Power BI Premium-$20-$4995 per month

    The premium package varies in pricing as it is divided into per user and capacity sub-sections. You can buy these packages via credit cards as well. As we all know Microsoft’s functionalities, businesses prefer to integrate Microsoft BI into their systems due to user ease and familiarity. The ease of payment is another essential factor that makes Microsoft one of the best self-service analytics tools. If you want to experience its matchless services before deciding, click here to sign up for a free trial account.

    1. Pyramid Analytics

    Pyramid Analytics is one of the self-service analytics tools that are aware of how to balance self-service and data governance. With hundreds of self-service tools in the market, Pyramid has made its mark by calling itself a decision-maker. It enables faster business decisions by identifying market trends and business realities. Nothing can eliminate risk, but the risk is minimized as your business works in real-time with the Pyramid Analytics self-service tool. As it is a self-service tool, it can be used by almost every organization employee; hence decision making is not limited to the AI team anymore. Every person is given a chance to participate in the decision-making process and develop innovative solutions. Innovativeness can never be accomplished by relying on a handful of people. The pricing of Pyramid Analytics relies on the number of users. The standard package starts at $10 per month, whereas the enterprise package costs $25 per month. You can contact Pyramid Analytics for more information about the pricing structure.

    These are some of the unique self-service analytics tools present in the market. If you are tired of relying on third parties and searching for an affordable and user-friendly solution, contact DotNet Report Builder today to integrate an efficient self-service tool into your business application.

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