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The Biggest Trends in Reporting Dashboards We’ve Seen This Year

    Dashboard software is a valuable tool that makes it easy for organizations to view data streams and interact with them in a visually appealing way. They’re a critical feature of modern ad hoc reporting systems, allowing even non-technical staff to create reports and share them with colleagues. 

    As ever, the software continues to evolve. Here are some of the biggest trends in reporting dashboards we’ve seen this year: 

    Pre-built Dashboard Templates

    Not only should dashboards display relevant data, but they should also do so in a customizable fashion. Dashboard templates allow users to quickly adjust the layout of their data streams to their needs. 

    Custom Chart Tools Tips

    Most non-technical users have an intuitive understanding of bar charts, scatter diagrams, and histograms. Sometimes, though, users want to quickly read off individual data points, instead of consulting the source table. Custom chart tooltips allow for just this eventuality. Wizards enable users to quickly tell the software what information they want to appear when they hover their cursor over bars and points. 

    Global Dashboard Filters

    This year has seen the emergence of more global dashboard filters, designed to help users better analyze the data at their disposal. Things like dynamic fields allow users to edit every chart on their dashboard to display the same time frame. And hierarchical filters enable users to make changes to displayed results at a higher level reflected in the lower levels. For instance, you can select a product category and then view relevant filtered products from the concrete category. 

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