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Time is money- Making critical decisions using dotnet report in real time.

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Observe a scenario where business decisions need to be made in a time critical manner. Suppose the business in monitoring stocks that are changing rapidly, and they need to make informed decisions for their products. These decisions would have an impact on their business profits. They have a software solution set up and running which handles their data and generates reports for them. They require some new data insight reports to make these decisions. They reach out to their software developer and he informs them that these reports need to be coded and would take a two week span. They somehow manage to deal with the situation while waiting for the new reports to be setup and ready for use.

After some time, they are again in the same situation when new reports need to be incorporated in their software to accommodate the growth of their business. The cycle will be the same whenever a different report is required and they suffer losses in their business in such a situation, not to mention the mental stress and frustration they have to endure. This is where dotnet report comes in. The easy integration of the product with existing software and customizable reports that can be designed and run by the user are the main features that attract clients to invest in a solution which would free them of this dependence on outsourcing their reports.

Dotnet report provides a variety of form types that can give beautiful visualization and present data to the user in more than one way. It also has options to choose the fields or parameters they wish to include in their report. The report is completely customized in the selection of date ranges and filters that can snapshot specific data sets; the report can be scheduled to run at a specific time.

The most useful feature is the Dashboard that can be completely designed by the user panel by panel and keeps all important reports running at the same time on one screen. The panels can be added or removed by the end user as required and can be easily moved around the screen to setup the best view for them. The dashboard helps the data analyst monitor current and accurate information in real time as they come in, and their decisions can be quick and based on accurate data insight.

Another great feature is that you can make a linked report using the dotnet report builder. This helps the user to create link between an existing report when designing a new one. The link can be from a column to another report as well as to a URL or website. This is immensely helpful for providing master detail kind of reports where each item in the column links to its detail and can give additional information relevant to the selected item.

All these features make dotnet report a must have solution for your business to keep it growing in the right direction and make use of the data to take decisions at the right time. Click here to try it now.

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